TU work with gamestop's bluetooth gamepad?Support

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  1. shezzy

    shezzy Well-Known Member

    Any one know if the Boost mobile Samsung transform ultra works with the gamestop bluetooth game pad? Tablet Wireless Bluetooth Controller for Android | GameStop

    I know a ps3 controller with sixaxis works but was wondering about the above controller since its a little cheaper and doesn't require hooking up to a PC.

    I would use mostly for emulation.

    Let me know

  2. chevanlol360

    chevanlol360 Well-Known Member Developer

    The description of the product says it works with only selected android tablets. So since the ultra is not even a tablet i would say no it wont work but i mean you should be able to buy it and try it and if it doesnt work return it.
  3. Warlord698

    Warlord698 Well-Known Member

    requires ICS, so no

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