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Tumblroid: A worthy tumblr supplement.

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  1. Jesse

    Jesse Well-Known Member This Topic's Starter

    Dec 10, 2008
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    Although simple in its design, Tumblroid offers an enjoyable Tumblr experience for your Android phone. Similar to its full web version, it allows you to update your Tumblr blog in a multitude of ways, such as text, links, chats, video, quotes, and images, all for the small cost of UK £0.99.

    It's a wildly simply application to use, but it's not without a few slight drawbacks (which are more an annoyance than anything). First, you can't upload a video directly from Tumblroid to your blog. The video sharing feature allows you to merely share a link to a video. If you want to upload and share a video from your mobile device, you'll need to use an application called Yfrog. Once it's uploaded to Yfrog, it will provide you with a link you can then share on your Tumblr blog.

    And if you're the type of Tumblr user that follows a lot of picture blogs, you might get annoyed with Tumblroid's lack of full size image viewing.

    Other than these two slight annoyances, I found Tumblroid to be extremely functional during regular day to day use.

    Priced at UK £0.99, Tumblroid gets my vote as the best Tumblr application on Android.

  2. Lee Briskett

    Lee Briskett New Member

    Mar 10, 2012
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    I'm going to check this one out. Cheers


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