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Tunein radio pro how to do wifi only?

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  1. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    Bought tunein radio Pro.
    Started streaming loved it.
    Then my data mgr warned me going over mthly data plan only one week into mth?
    Look up culprit and it's tunein radio Pro using data not wifi.
    So I assumed default is wifi and it's my bad... Right?

    Uh... No.... There is no setting for wifi only? Wth?

    I Google search and find that ios version has a toggle for wifi only. But the Android version has nothing under settings or accounts etc mentioning anything about wifi settings.

    So I emailed developer three times begging for help and no reply?
    So I go to their Facebook Page and post for help. Nothing.
    I pm them at Facebook... Nothing!

    God help me I paid for upgraded pro version and they can't simply tell me how to stream over wifi?

    Horrible service. Great app otherwise but lack of service non existent.

    I came here as this Site is family and I am sure someone can help me. Please!
    I want to stream wifi at work.

    Thanks in advance for anyone that can help me out!

  2. annebrooks64

    annebrooks64 Well-Known Member

    Connect to WiFi and disable mobile data
  3. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    If you are connected to a wifi network, it will stream over wifi. Same for other data-using apps, they will use the network you are connected to at the time whether it's the cell network or wifi.
    You can also go into the Data Usage menu under Settings and turn on "Limit mobile data usage". Then you can select from the list of individual apps that are shown underneath the data usage graph and check the box for "Restrict background data". If you do this for TuneIn, and only open the app when you are connected to wifi and never when connected to the cellular network, it should not use any of your data plan.
    Note the above settings are available in ICS, they may not be there if you have an older version of Android.
    And as mentioned above, when you are on wifi you can select the setting to completely disable mobile data, this should ensure that no cellular data can be used. However you will then have to manually re-enable it after disconnecting from the wifi network.
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  4. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    ok..i will try that....i dont like the suggestion from previous poster that you mentioned at the end as well..i am a very forgetful person and right now my wifi is set to automatically connect when i am at home or work...so if i disable data and then leave to go home...i will not have use of data which i may need...and i will likely forget to reconnect.

    i wanted an app solution. i will go into the settings and do as you say. but i must ask...shouldnt the app have this?

    you say that the app should use my wifi if i have wifi...open at for example work..well i do have wifi at work...and i during a day use no data in my mgr surfing the net...but after 3 days of using the tunein radio...my data mgr warned me i was going to exceed my mthly data allowance and i freaked out. i have never gone near a gb in a mth as i only use my phone features primarily at home or work where i have wifi in both places.
  5. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    i do appreciate any help. this solution though for me as a forgetfull person would not work. i would leave work and lets say for example i needed data usage...like google maps or an internet search..i would have no data...and have to go into settings. i would prefer a set it and forget it solution. why is there no option in this stupid app to choose wifi only?
    the iphone version does?
    i got two helpful replies from you and another in one day and in two weeks and so many emails and facebook posts etc...tunein has not replied once. they suck. you guys are helpful. thx.
  6. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Other apps and processes may be using data in the background. When you go into the Data Usage menu (again assuming you have ICS), the list will show you which apps and processes are using data and how much.
    And if by "data mgr" you are in fact referring to the phone menu, that is a setting within the phone itself and has nothing to do with your actual data plan. You can actually adjust the maximum data allowed before getting a warning and it really doesn't matter unless you set it to correlate with what your plan allows. Even then, what the phone measures as used data may not be the same as what your carrier measures. What really matters is what your service provider allows and whether they tell you that you are exceeding that amount, if you don't get a warning from them I wouldn't worry about it. Unless you have a very low data cap I doubt a week of using TuneIn would put you over.
    As for the app itself and not being able to set it for wifi only, I don't think you'll find many (or any) apps that have this option. So don't blame the developer, it's up to the user to know what data connection they are using and to use or not use the app accordingly.
    Finally if you want to reduce the amount of data you use when streaming with TuneIn, go to the options and select "Choose Stream". The app may be defaulting to the highest bandwith stream available (you can select or deselect this as an option in the settings), but you can manually select a smaller stream with a minimal reduction in sound quality. I find that using a 48K AAC stream, when one is available, provides almost the same sound quality as a 192K or 128K MP3 while using much less data.
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  7. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor Guide

    Get AUTO APP SETTINGS from Play Store. Its sort of a lighter version of tasker. In it, set the parameters to turn off mobile data everytime you run Tunein radio.
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  8. sharkhark

    sharkhark Well-Known Member

    Thank you.
    Just for info since I forgot to reply to your first post... Yes... I have gs2 with ics.
    By data mgr i mean 3g watch dog.
    And finally... Yes... I do have my monthly dates and 1gb data allowance parameters inputted.
    I have historically found this app to be very close to mobile carrier info. Within a few kb.
    Plus yes... I did in fact simultaneously receive a warning from both 3g watch dog... And... My mobile carrier within same day that I was going over my data allowance.
    My carrier offered for me to buy more data even though I wasn't even one week into month.

    The 3g watch dog and ics data mgr... Were identical and showed tunein pro as culprit.

    I also found tunein turning app on in background when not in use and could be using data... I noticed it corresponded with blue tooth use for calls and Google search showed that there is a bug in this regard others are experiencing.

    So far I went into background settings you recommended and disabled mobile Data for this app and used tunein pro to record 9 hours of programming last night... And relief as this morning it showed no data use.
    I might download that app mentioned by previous poster too.

    Ps.... We comment on developers not all offering ability with apps to disable data... That I have a legit complaint on as #1 the developers didn't reply to a paid user like me to even answer me and #2 the iphone version that the developers sell has a toggle for mobile data off builtin. Sure not all can offer this feature but when you give features to ios but not android? Same application? Not right in my books.

    But it works with your help through settings and background mobile off so I am content.
    Thanks much!!
  9. Fox Mulder

    Fox Mulder VIP Member VIP Member

    Happy to help, glad to see you got it sorted.
    Yeah I guess a 1GB plan isn't that much if you're going to do a lot of streaming. I don't worry about it being on an unlimited plan.
    FWIW my usage on TuneIn for the past month is under 800MB but maybe I don't use it quite as much as you do. I stream it in the car when I'm driving around, maybe a couple of hours a day depending on how much time I spend traveling.
    Oh, also make sure you turn off the push notifications in TuneIn through the settings. That uses some data as well plus it's annoying.

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