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  1. Fjodor2000

    Fjodor2000 Member


    When the inactivity timeout makes the screen dim, is there any way to turn the backlight on again without any "side effects"?

    I can press the menu button, but that will unnecessarily display the menu (if any). I can also tap the screen, but then I risk tapping on e.g. a link.

    But what if I just want to turn the backlight on again without any such "side effects"? How do I do that!? :confused:

  2. Bullitt_McQueen

    Bullitt_McQueen Well-Known Member

    Scroll? That's what I do.

    If I'm at the home screen, I give the screen a little wiggle lol.
  3. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Yup...sometimes if the phone hasn't dimmed yet you can keep rotating it, and it shouldn't go dim.

    You could also use the volume button to make it wake up if going dim. Or hit the power button on the top (don't hold)
  4. Fjodor2000

    Fjodor2000 Member

    Thanks! Pressing the volume button will however change the volume (i.e. a side effect), and pressing the power button briefly will lock the screen. Scrolling may work, unless you happen to tap on a part of the screen where there is e.g. a link or another UI element that may react to the tap/scroll.

    To sum it up, all methods presented so far seem like workarounds (with various side effects). Isn't it strange that there is no 'dedicated' way of doing this?
  5. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    Press power button twice then.....hit volume up and then volume down quickly...lol

    Or set the screen timeout to 30 minutes if you want under Settings->Sound and Display->Screen timeout....set Screen Brightness to 99 percent too (then when it dims it won't look as dim....I think) I am sure there are anti autobrightness apps too or something like that.

    I think it is a weird question....why are you trying to do this? Maybe once we know what you are trying to accomplish we will be able to better help you. I always want to keep my screen off as long as possible and only have the screen on while I quickly navigate to do what I am doing.
  6. KTP

    KTP Well-Known Member

    If you are rooted you can install an app called screeble which keeps the backlight on until you put the phone to sleep yourself (pressing the power button)
    This app is great if like me you read a lot of articles that the phone would usually dim before it's time to scroll down.
  7. Fjodor2000

    Fjodor2000 Member

    I think it's a perfectly normal use case. You watch/read something on the screen for awhile, and while doing that the screen automatically dims to save power. Since that makes the display less readable you want to turn the backlight on again.
  8. Fjodor2000

    Fjodor2000 Member

    Sounds good, however my phone is unfortunately not rooted.

    Anyway, is there any timeout at all? Also, isn't this about the same as setting a very long "screen turn off timeout" (it can be set to several minutes), and relying on the user pressing the power button to lock the phone manually? That of course has the drawback of draining power for all those occations when you just want to turn on the screen briefly to check e.g. some widget (unless you remember to manually lock the screen every time using the power button).
  9. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    There are a bunch of different times you can set it to.

    Or root your phone. Takes only seconds.

    Install x10 Flash Tool on your computer...run it...turn off phone...plug in phone while holding back button....then in the x10 Flasher Tool, click Root.


    I never read anything on my phone for more than a few seconds, and I always scroll within 30 seconds, so my phone doesn't ever dim.

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