Turn off 3G data connection?

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  1. godsdragon

    godsdragon VIP Member VIP Member

    When I am at home or anywhere else, I like to use WiFi as opposed to the 3G network as it is supposed to save battery juice. Do I have to manually turn off the 3G connection? Does WiFi supersede 3G or even 4G?

  2. Rachel A

    Rachel A Well-Known Member

    My WiFi automatically connects when I get I am range of a known AP. Don't think this actually turns off 3G completely but I'm also not sure if it matters. I have an original Incredible so YMMV...
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  3. samsungadvice

    samsungadvice Active Member

    3G will not automatically turn off, you would have to put the phone into flight mode, but this would also disconnect your network connection for calls and texts. When wifi is in use, 3G is disconnected, but still enabled, in terms of battery life, just leave everything as it is and you'll be fine
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  4. creative2008

    creative2008 Member

    I have the Samsung Galaxy W, and by pressing and holding the power button it brings up four options.

    1) Silent Mode
    2) Data network mode
    3) Flight mode
    4) Power off

    If I select option two it prevents the phone from accessing the internet via the mobile network, i.e. 3G. The only side effect is that it also disables 3G, and just operates on a 2G signal - it doesn't make any odds to me. I can still make/receive calls and send/receive text messages as usual. The only difference is that the phone does not ever drop the wifi in favour of the 3G whilst I'm at home. I'm convinced that this is less draining on the battery.

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