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  1. mistermax

    mistermax New Member

    I've searched this forum and Google, but no success so far.

    How can I turn off the GMail notification noise. I don't want my phone on silent, I just would like emails to arrive without announcing their presence to me after I've gone to bed.

    Can't see it under the phone's Sound or notifications and I don't have any settings under GMail to do it...

  2. jmfryer1978

    jmfryer1978 Active Member

    You should be able to....

    (1) - Open the Gmail app.
    (2) - Menu -> Settings
    (3) - Choose your account that you want to change notifications for. If you only have one then it will be the middle option between "General Settings" and "About Gmail"
    (4) - Just under "Email Notifications" there will be a "Ringtone and Vibrate" option, click that and you can then change the ringtone to "None"

    That should do it.
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