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Turn off SMS voicemail notifications?Support

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  1. iamhtclegend

    iamhtclegend Member

    Whenever I get a new voicemail, I get two simultaneous notifications. One, the standard voicemail notification that stays in the tray even after clearing notifications. The second is an SMS notification and it goes into my text messages.

    I have no need for the SMS notification if it's already giving me the standard VM notification, but have been unable to find out how to turn it off.

    My phone isn't rooted, and I don't plan on doing so in the near future, in case that has any bearing on potential solutions.

    Any help would be great, thanks!

  2. wmtoandroid

    wmtoandroid Well-Known Member

    I have the opposite problem - no notifications at all. I've rooted and installed the latest Cyanogenmod ROM and it seems to have broken the VM notifications for me :( I guess if you find your answer, it might help me out as well.
  3. TheFranchise216

    TheFranchise216 Active Member

    Was there ever a solution to this problem? I'm having the same issue now and it's beyond annoying. Would love to figure out how to put an end to it. Thanks.

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