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  1. Incredible v. 1
    Android 2.3.4

    Yesterday I received some sort of alert about a news story (Navy yard incident). I would prefer to not receive these alerts, how do I turn them off?

    However, I would prefer to receive amber alerts, how do I turn these on?

    When I:
    - go to text message screen
    - menu
    - settings
    I see no category for toggling off/on emergency alerts.


  2. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    go to settings, then mobile networks, then "cell broadcasts"
  3. Thanks for the reply. I don't see a mobile networks listed directly under settings.

    Under 'Wireless and networks' there is no cell broadcasts option. Only 'Mobile network' to turn it on/off. And a 'Mobile networks' which has data roaming, data roaming sound, system select, and enable always-on mobile data.
  4. sdrawkcab25

    sdrawkcab25 Well-Known Member

    Hmmm interesting... Might want to download "gesture search" from the market and use the app to do a search for it.

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