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Turn On/off google mail Notifications? HowSupport

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  1. ticktok

    ticktok New Member

    My Wife has the ZTE Racer on 3g and uses Google mail, she has it set for notifications when new e-mail arrives to alert her...

    Question is this:
    Is there any easy way to enable and disable this, as at present we cannot figure out how to turn it off:

    With my HTC Desire it's simple:
    It only notifies me if I am connected to the web

  2. iammas

    iammas Member

    Add the widget 'Power Control' to your homescreen. Then you can control all communication (bluetooth, WIFI, GPS, notification) and brightness. The picto with 2 arrows in a circle is the on/off button for automatic notification.
  3. bleazy

    bleazy New Member

    No need for any widgets or any downloads, click the program menu icon (bottom of home screen), then load up your GMAIL account by clicking the gmail icon, then click menu, and click settings.

    You will see that the notifications box is ticked, un-tick it, then you will receive no notifications when you receive new emails!

    Hope this helps


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