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Turning my Ace into a wifi only media player (like an IPOD)General

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  1. vettegofast

    vettegofast Well-Known Member

    Hey all,

    I just got an S2 so i was going to give my Ace to my son for him to play games, watch netflix, etc. With no sim, he wont be able to make regular calls or get on packet internet, but how do i disable the emergency calls?

    I definitely dont want him calling 911 by accident.


  2. sparky93

    sparky93 Active Member

    without the sim, it wont work. no network coverage.
  3. zZzACEzZz

    zZzACEzZz Well-Known Member

    it depends on where do u live. In Finland it is possible to call emergency num. without sim card.
  4. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    I don't know if this would work in your country or not, but in India you can get a sim card on prepaid tariff deal, so if you don't pay any money and there is no remaining balance in your account the carrier will not let you call or message or use any network based service. And normally emergency calls is only displayed on lockscreen or in case of no network availability.
    The phone works, it receives a signal so no prompt for emergency calls but you cannot do anything with the network until you pay.
  5. vettegofast

    vettegofast Well-Known Member

    i thought the same thing. However, with the sim removed i still have bars. it says emergency calls only and i could still dial 911. i really want to disable the phone completely.

    thanks guys
  6. sparky93

    sparky93 Active Member

    yea its just default msg on fones. if u did dial it, then you get the no network error msg. wont connect.
  7. sleezecheeze

    sleezecheeze Well-Known Member

    I can see how this would become an issue, vettegofast. I myself have considered turning an old android phone into a media player (and the opposite actually, I've tried using my iPod as a VOIP phone) but obviously the emergency calls wouldn't be an issue to me if I personally was using it.

    I'm actually fairly certain that it's been ruled illegal to tamper with or disable this button by the FFC.

    If you want to edit some files to screw up the function I'm sure that you would find what you're looking for in the framework-res.apk just be careful :)
  8. Mackinon

    Mackinon Well-Known Member

    Wanted to add to ayush's post...

    if the sim has validity you can still have incoming calls and txt messages on the phone.. :D

    this phone works without the sim, and you should be able to use wifi without a sim.
  9. vettegofast

    vettegofast Well-Known Member

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