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  1. velvetrabbit

    velvetrabbit New Member

    Hi! I'm having problems with my new Fascinate. No matter what I do, it insists on sending me notifications when I get email. I don't want it to. So, I turned it off in the mail settings. Under Email Check Frequency, I put Never. But withing a few hours, I'd get a notification for email. I'd check the settings and it would have reset itself to Every Hour. So, after days of trying to make this work, I thought, well, I'll let it tell me I have email but I'll change the notification sound to something different than the sound for a text message. So, I changed it. Next time I got an email, it had changed itself back again. And I've obviously unchecked the Email Notifications part as well. :(

    How do I make this stop?? I either want it to stop telling me that I have email or for the notification sound to change so I know that it's not a text message.


  2. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

    I assume this should fix itself when you do the Froyo update. ;)
  3. velvetrabbit

    velvetrabbit New Member

    <------ Newb.

    Froyo Update? How do I get that?

  4. s44

    s44 Well-Known Member

    Well, you can either Odin it in yourself (leaked version) or wait for the official OTA (over-the-air update) in the next few days. The Froyo release is the current big news.

    Not sure how to check for an OTA exactly, since I've never done one. ;)

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