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Turning off notifications during a call?

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  1. timmyjoe42

    timmyjoe42 Well-Known Member

    Getting emails, texts, and other notifications (especially the vibrations) while I am on a call is driving me nuts. Where can I turn this feature off? I don't want to turn off notifications and vibration completely; I just want the phone to realize I am busy talking to someone and don't need the sounds and vibrations distracting both parties on the call.

    Am I the only one this happens to? I keep searching for others with this problem, but haven't had much luck. Is it an Android issue? 1.5 or 2.0?
    A Cliq feature bug?

    I'm using a MotoCliq running 1.5.

  2. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    I have the same prpblem....
  3. lucas.robb

    lucas.robb Active Member

    I have the same problem also... people say "it sounds like a duck" and that its really annoying (however my uncle said it was to let people know when they were too boring haha). I would like some help, is there a third party app?

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