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  1. Chione

    Chione New Member

    For the past 6 months or so my phone has been spontaneously turning off. It does it sometimes when I close the qwerty section, or when I hang up from a call, or I just go to used it and it's off.

    It was rooted on 2.3 (.1?) before, but I reformatted it and upgraded it to 2.3.3 because of this problem in hopes of stopping it.

    It didn't work =/

    If anyone has any ideas please share. It's pretty annoying and I still have a little over a year with this phone.

    Although truth be told, other then this problem I love the phone.

  2. kraftka

    kraftka New Member

    2 thoughts:
    1) battery is on the way out, so replace it. they're about 10$ on ebay
    2) battery is loose in slot, so add a little paper wedge or whatnot.
  3. shaeffer

    shaeffer New Member

    Having the EXACT same problems.
    My lady has the exact same phone and hers never does this.

    My battery actually was dying, got a new one from Dr.Battery (use them instead of shitty ebay sales); it seemed to work for a time and then started doing it again. Tried using the battery from the wifey's phone; still does the same thing.

    It does it most often when closing the keyboard. That being said, I think my connection between the screen half and the keyboard half is loose; I'm not only getting random shut-off problems, but the back/search buttons are randomly triggered when I have it open and squeezing the two halves together seems to help.

    TLDR; it's old and connections are loose; be careful when opening and closing it. Replacing the battery may help but it's not been a for-sure fix in my experience.
  4. CarlosCrave

    CarlosCrave New Member

    I think it's the versi

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