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Turning off Text MEssage soundSupport

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  1. Magnghi

    Magnghi New Member


    My gf has a Samsung Nexus S (4G I believe) with 4.1.1 firmware (Jellybean??)

    After looking and looking, I was wondering if it was possible to disable the sound for incoming text messages WITHOUT muting or disabling the sound for incoming calls.

    My girlfriend works in an environment where she might receive important calls and would like to hear the ringtone, but would not like to have everyone know shes receiving texts.

    I have tried Settings -> Sound -> Volumes, where it has under 1 category "Ringtones & Notifications.". IF this is turned down, both the ringtone and text message sound are muted, but if I change the "Default Notification" , a different option, to silent, it does not affect the text message notification sound. Does anyone else have this problem or is this just a lack of flexibility with the firmware?

    Thanks for your help!!!

  2. kejlyCZ

    kejlyCZ Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the Android forums!
    Just select the notification ringtone "Silent" (first in the list). There's also possibility to mute just notification tone, if you deselect the option to use same volume for ringtones and notifications in sound volume options (then it can be set to 0 or to low volume).
  3. mrjacowley

    mrjacowley New Member

    go to messaging, use the settings button. scroll down to notifications, select ringtone, then you can click silent. This will make all of your text messages silent but every other notification will still have their noises via default settings.
  4. mw6651

    mw6651 New Member

    It's easy to just mute sms sound while keep the ringtone! Just download a mp3 or wave file of pure silence and set the silence sound file as your sms or notifications sound. Ok, you'll never hear the annoying sms sound any more. You can find the sound of silence on lots of websites, such as https://www.freesound.org/home/ Wish you good luck!

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