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  1. hauwquek

    hauwquek Member

    Hi all, I just got my Samsung Galaxy GT-I9003, which I learnt from here that it is now called Samsung SL.

    Anyway, I have trouble finding a widget to turn on my mobile internet. I tried 2 from Andoid market but both didn't work, and I have to go to Settings to do it manually.

    Can anyone recommend me a workable widget for this purpose please?

    Thank you.

  2. hauwquek

    hauwquek Member

    Hi, I just got my Samung Galaxy SL, but I missed the weather and clock widget of the HTC Hero I gave up.

    Can anyone recommend me an equivalent one for Samsung Galaxy SL please? I can't find one in Android market.

    The HTC widget has weather of multiple cities, alarm and countdown all in one.

    Thank you.
  3. simpl3complex

    simpl3complex New Member

    Did you push the power button for 3 seconds and then selected data network mode to active ??
  4. hauwquek

    hauwquek Member

    Thanks a lot simpl3complex, I just saw that. In a way it's more useful than a widget because I can activate mobile internet anywhere anytime, instead of going for the widget.

  5. sgsl9003

    sgsl9003 New Member

    You can use APNdroid which will toggle on/OFF you have to add is as a widget on home screen.
  6. krospyke

    krospyke Well-Known Member

    try dataswitch. available in the market:).i tried apndroid on my sl but sometimes it doesnt work. dataswitch works evrytime. but props to apndroid for changing color. i just wish it works.

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