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  1. my phone turns off, for no reason. Does anybody konw why?? I read that it could be the SIM card not in all the way, so I tried that... and that didn't help. Any other suggestions.

  2. johnnyfoxglove

    johnnyfoxglove New Member

    I have this problem also. I can't use the built-in alarm as I don't trust it. It seems that once in three times I go to use the phone after a few hours, it will be powered-off.
  3. Ya, mine hasnt died though the night yet... mainly I think because I have it plugged in. I think I will return it, I'm not pleased at all. I bought it outright... definately NOT worth the money. I idea of it is great. I can use it too read and pass time between classes... and enjoy the variety of apps for it. If not for this issue I would love this phone.
  4. tempest7

    tempest7 Well-Known Member

    I was asking this on another forum.

    (Galaxy S, I9000 freezing/locking up? - Samsung Galaxy S Forum)

    Mine is a Hong Kong bought i9000 international version. For the last 2 days it has been fine. I've been updating programs and I don't know if one of the programs fixed itself and hence the problem. I have no clue to the root cause though someone else mentioned it was due to a weather app. I haven't uninstalled any applications until recently, but before that it already stopped freezing for the last 2 days. I'll watch it a few more days to see if the freezes/lockups come back.

    Someone else reported it happens to them on their South East Asia version of the phone. I wasn't sure if it was due to a specific firmware change because under my Settings>About phone>

    I have the following.

    Firmware version: 2.1-update1
    Baseband version I9000ZSJH2
    Kernel version 2.6.29 jsoh.oh@SE-S506 #2
    Build number ECLAIR.ZSJH1

    Previous to me updating the phone via Kies, the build number was just ECLAIR. the ZSJH1 didn't exist in the name. Prior version still had freeze/lockup issues however.
  5. tempest7

    tempest7 Well-Known Member

    Great, I think I jinxed it. Was wasting time playing Robo Defense and it crashed after I beat level 40. Pretty much right afterwards. There goes my uptime.
  6. Lookieloo

    Lookieloo New Member

    Hello All

  7. Enthrall

    Enthrall Active Member

    I have noticed on a lot of forums that it's usually the BELL subscribers that bear the brunt that is the phone 'auto-switchOff'. I believe the model customized for them might have been inducted with this issue somehow.

    Perhaps you could ask someone using a different variant of this phone tied to another Provider, and see if they face the same problem?
  8. annoyedwithandroid

    annoyedwithandroid New Member

    On one hand I am glad that I am not the only one having troubles with my Bell Galaxy S, on the other hand I am sad that it wasn't just one defective phone that could be easily replaced or fixed. I am now on my 2nd galaxy s, I have had it less than 2 days and it has already turned off twice by itself. Meanwhile my original phone (which I haven't sent back to bell yet) has been up the whole time since I took out the sim card.
    What gives? I see plenty of questions out there but not a lot of answers or solutions. I don't blame Bell, but samsung doesn't seem to want to deal with it. Is it Samsung, Android, Bell, all the above?
  9. ang3

    ang3 Active Member

    ive had mine for 2 months and it just started doin this several times today! i too am with bell. what the hell?!?!
  10. ang3

    ang3 Active Member

    it stopped freezing for a few days, and now its starting again. i really dont get it?!?! there has to be more info on this.. i tried a factory reset, wiped my internal memory clean. someone help
  11. kohc22

    kohc22 Member

    I got a set from Singapore last month and the phone has been working fine so far (knock on wood). Maybe it really is a carrier issue?
  12. ang3

    ang3 Active Member

    its happened to others that arent in bell or even in canada. seems to happen in low coverage areas. i havent froze in a few days now so ill see what happens. apparently samsung is aware of this issue.

    check this:
    Samsung Galaxy S - Phone Randomly Shuts Off

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