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    Hey everyone, I'm making this thread for one reason and one reason only. Too many times I see people with problems (boot looping, black screen and vibes over and over, etc) the first thing everyone asks the person is "do you have a backup?" Several times the person with the problem says "no I never made one" or "I haven't gotten around to it yet" so what are they left with as a solution? "Go to ODIN and start all over again from scratch" well damn... that sucks! I have used ODIN one time and luckily have never had to go back to it. Why?? Backups my friends! I couldn't count how many times I have been forced to use a backup either because something didn't work right or simply because I missed a step or messed up while trying something new.

    Also please have mercy as I typed this thread up in my spare time in the last few days inside ES File Explorer on my phone. So no spell check and no fancy bold font and such.

    So you rooted your Prevail huh? Have you made a backup yet? Do you know how to make one? Better yet, are you aware that a backup can be used for much more than just restoring your phone when it (or you) messes up?

    Don't worry, we are going to cover all this. A backup is so easy to do. If you haven't done one yet then you need to after reading this. No... better yet you should do it as you read this.

    So first step is Clockworkmod (CWM) if you have it already (which you should if your rooted) then the hard part is already done. If not then go grab it and thank Hroark13 before coming back to this thread.

    Here is the link. Follow the directions in the thread.


    Now you are equipped to make backups and use them to restore your phone to exactly the way everything was when the backup was created.


    1. Hold your power and volume up buttons until you see the word "Android" in white on your screen. Once you see it release the buttons. This option is available on some ROMS such as CTMod, just press your power button and when the options menu pops up select "recovery". A pop up window will appear saying "Your phone will shut down. Press the "OK" button that you will see, the phone will shut off and reboot into recovery mode on its own.

    2. CWM will display a list of options in Blue. Use the volume up and volume down buttons to scroll up and down this list. You will need to navigate down to "backup and restore". Once you're there press the camera button to select that option.

    3. On the next screen you will see "backup" press the camera button to select this option.

    4. The backup will begin, you will see the phone backing up, system, data, and all the miscellaneous files, folders, and programs on the phone. Once this begins do not press anything and let the phone run its course. After it finishes you will see the words "Backup complete!" And the options in blue will once again pop up.

    5. Now select "reboot system now" with the camera button and the phone will reboot.

    There, easy as cake and you can now relax because you have a backup.


    1. Boot into CWM like you already learned by pressing the volume up and camera button (or use the option on your phones ROM)

    2. Move down to "backup and restore" and select it by pressing the camera button.

    3. Move down to "restore" and select it by pressing the camera button.

    4. Now a screen will pop up with your backups. If you have more than one backup you will need to select the one you wish to use. Once you have decided which one you want to use select the desired backup by pressing the camera button.

    5. The phone will begin restoring the system, data, and all the miscellaneous files, folders, and programs on the phone. Do not press anything once the restore begins. After this is complete you will see "restore complete" and the options in blue will pop up. Select reboot system now.

    Once the phone boots up everything will be the way it was in your backup. Your call log, text messages, home screen orientation, icons, etc. (I erase my call log and text's before creating a backup) but that's me.

    So there you have it! Your good to go and the next time your phone acts up or you try something new and mess up things you just restore a backup and bring the phone back to the way it was.


    So what else can you use backups for? There are things I like to use them for even when the phone is running fine.

    I do backups with each theme. Blue themes setup with a blue wallpaper and icons placed in certain locations to coordinate with the wallpaper, then I do backups with red themes, black themes, crazy setups and mild setups. I save each backup and rename them with my file explorer. Name them CTMOD-blue, CTMod-green, etc. Just make sure than when you rename a backup that you NEVER LEAVE ANY SPACES BETWEEN THE LETTERS OR NUMBERS!!

    Different Setups:
    I always make a backup right after I flash a ROM before adding any apps or anything and name it "CTMod-bare" then I get all my apps loaded and setup the phone with everything I will ever want or need and rename it "CTMod-loaded"

    I sometimes may have a long day where I will be away from a charger (family outing, hike, amusement park, etc) so I keep a backup with the absolute bare minimum of apps I need to survive and eliminate things like Google maps, Gmail, and anything else that likes to startup in the background and drain precious battery power. Basically you just want phone, text, browser and one or two of your must have everyday apps.

    So what are you waiting for? Go make a backup or two or three!!

    If not, then do your own thing and keep this link handy, because your going to need it


    Don't forget to thank Hroark13 for that one too.


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    pretty good write up. so many people don't make backups and have problems and are srewed.

    i always say backup then make changes and then backup again if ok and make more changes and so on. if a step fails just restore to before had the problem. i have an external hard drive an have maybe just guessing a couple hundred backups saved and renamed.:D:D:D
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    Thanks for this! I am one of those who hasn't gotten around to it yet. Was planning to do it this weekend. I was thinking of using Titanium Backup. I didn't realize after root the phone had the ability to do it on it's own. Nice tutorial!
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    I'm glad it got you motivated to do it :)

    Titanium Backup wont backup like CWM will. Also TI isn't going to be of any use at all if your phone is bootlooping. CWM backups are the way to go.
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    Most definitely... :thumbup:
  6. go2vegas

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    Just tried to make my first backup attempt. I have CT mod installed and when I select recovery. A pop up power off....your phone will shut down comes up.

    Is this normal, do I power off phone and then the other options come up?
    Sorry about the slow learning curve. :eek:

  7. Lordvincent 90

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    Yes, recovery runs outside the OS. (even has it's own kernel) the phone powers off to switch to 'recovery mode'
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    The OP has been updated stating the above.

    Sorry it took so long, life's been busy:D

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