[TUT]How to root Micromax A50

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  1. RaptorX88

    RaptorX88 Member

    <--Rooting Micromax A50-->

    This tutorial will tell you how to root your Micromax A50.All the credits goes to Varun Chitre for making the boot.img insecure.

    So lets get started!
    [/]Make sure you are not low on battery.
    [/]Make sure your device is completely switched off.
    [/]Take off your battery and put it back on,BUT DO NOT TURN ON THE DEVICE.

    Download the files
    Here's the link for the full Root package for Micromax A50 :-

    STEP 2 :
    Setting Up Things
    Extract all the files from the rar package above.After extracting it should look like this :
    Now extract files from "mt65x3-usb-vcom-drivers.rar" and open InstallDriver.exe,It will install the drivers needed for the Flashing Process.(Open installdrv64.exe if you have a 64-bit system)

    Now open "SP Flash Tool v2.1134.00.7z" and extract the contents to a new folder.
    This is the software that you will use for the flashing process.

    Now you need to install UnLock Root.This is the software that will root your Device.Open "unlockroot23.exe" and install it.

    MT6573_Android_scatter is needed for starting the flashing process.

    usb_driver.zip will stay there for now,But you will need it later.This zip file contains the ADB Drivers that is required for the rooting process.

    orginal a50 boot.img folder contains the stock boot.img file of A50.So if anything goes wrong and your phone is not booting up,You can flash this file,and it'll be back to normal.


    STEP 3:
    Flashing Insecure boot.img
    After you've done setting up things,it's time for flashing!
    Open SP Flash Tool (Flash_tool.exe),
    And Select File>Open Scatter loading file and select MT6573_Android_scatter.txt.And Uncheck everything on the list for now.

    Ignore any errors that will pop up like these :

    Single click on BOOTIMG and select the boot.img provided in the package.

    Take out the battery, put it back and without turning on the device Connect it to your PC with the USB cable without pressing any button on the phone. Now windows should find the drivers and install it. After drivers are installed, unplug the cable from your phone. Take out the battery from the phone and put it back again. Do not switch on.

    After you've done that,Hit F9 or Click on the "Download" button.

    Then under
    15 seconds,connect your device to the PC.You will see a yellow progress bar,When it reaches 100% a pop up window will appear saying BOOTIMG downloaded.
    Now that you've successfully flashed the boot.img,Unplug your phone, take the battery out, put it back and start the phone normally as you do. Let it fully boot.


    STEP 4:
    Rooting Process

    Now your device is ready to root! In your device Do the following
    Go to settings->Applications->Check unknown sources.
    Go to settings->Applications->Development->Check USB Debugging.

    Now you need to install ADB Drivers,First Extract 'usb_driver.zip'.To install ADB Drivers,Plug in your device to your PC,without turning it off,And do not mount SD Card.When you plug in,Windows will try to find drivers for "MICROMAX A50" and will simply fail.Don't Freak Out,Now go to Device Manager From Start Menu,Right click on 'Micromax A50' and click 'Update Driver Software'.On the new window, click 'Browse my computer for driver software', then click 'Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer'.Click 'Have Disk'. On the new Pop-up window, click 'Browse'And select 'android_winusb.inf' from the folder you extracted from 'usb_driver.zip'.Now,From the list,Select Android ADB Interface and click next,A Warning will pop up saying "Would you like to install this device driver software. Click Install.And the drivers will be installed.Thanks to kankfraud for providing drivers.

    Open unlock root on your PC and click on ROOT!The program will root your device.When finished,it will ask you to restart your phone. So switch it off and switch it on again.

    Now go through your Appdrawyer,You should find an application called Superuser.If you do,Then your device has been rooted!:D

    This rooting method has been tested by kankfraud and me.I'm not responsible if something happens to your device.

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  2. surjeet s

    surjeet s Active Member

    Is there any option available by means of which we can replace the stock FM radio app with another FM radio app ( because FM radio does not play in stereo in this A50 wheras it was working in stereo in my old A70 MODEL )
  3. kankfraud

    kankfraud Member

    Good Work Man!
    Better than mine!
  4. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Good one!
  5. surjeet s

    surjeet s Active Member

    I also got rooted successfuuly my A50. Thanks for all seniors for there hard work. Now waiting for CWM for A50.
    One more good news that flash player 10.3.185 application which we were using in A70 is also working in this A50. device-2012-06-01-180200.png
  6. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Yes thats because of unsecured boot.img I gave ;)
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  7. surjeet s

    surjeet s Active Member

    Varun Sir, Can you give me instructions which keys are helpful in taking stock rom backup after rooting. ( so far there is no use of ROM MANAGER as it is not having CWM recovery for A50 ).
    Can anyone give me the .apk file of FM radio from the root access of their A70. I just want to give it a try in A50.
  8. surajkala

    surajkala Member

    thanks a lot.. now i can install screen capture utilities...

    BTW is there any way if we can tweak home/menu keys to wake up from screen.. actually now pressing power button everytime is very annoying
  9. chandan4186

    chandan4186 Member

    thanku ................ im getting a problem at the time of installing usb driver its saying" it is not compatible with window7 32bit "....... plz help me wat should i do next........
  10. RaptorX88

    RaptorX88 Member

    Which driver are you talking about? Is it ADB or the VCOM Drivers?
  11. chandan4186

    chandan4186 Member

    i was doing somthing wrong .............now i successfully rooted my phone thnku

    BHARDIK Active Member

    Yeah its right its working for all. If do correctly.
    But i have another question any new version of micromax is available or not?
  13. chandan4186

    chandan4186 Member

    well i rooted successfully but that flash player is not working with a50.......
  14. chandan4186

    chandan4186 Member

    i rooted successfully but the flash player u mentiones is not working in a50 if u have link plz mention here.................
  15. neokhan22

    neokhan22 New Member

    thank you sir,,hats off sir.... i hv done successfulllllllllly :)
    thaaaaku bery much
  16. chandan4186

    chandan4186 Member

    hey i rooted successfully ... but as u mentioned flash player working but its is not installing ...can u plz send me the link........
  17. chandan4186

    chandan4186 Member

    hi.......... wel contact replacement like go contact ex, touch pal etc application dont give sim options at calling time .it just direclty call from 2nd sim ........ but built in application working well .... any solution????
  18. riteshgpt60

    riteshgpt60 New Member

    how to hardreset,
    phone shows
    phone lock google username and pass,
  19. karbito

    karbito New Member

    Guyz i need sum help after i installed the mt65x3 drivers and connect my mobile according to the steps,my pc shows dat its installing the drivers and suddenly shows the device is unpluged ,whereas my device is still connected and starts charging itself....plz reply soon
  20. krishanu81

    krishanu81 New Member

    i have brought this phone 1weak back and heaving a great problem some of the apps are using excessive ram and i have tried many task killing apps but they doesn't work can it be fixed by any method or i have to buy a new phone
  21. asimpleson

    asimpleson New Member

    I am using Advanced Task Kill Pro with excellent battery save benefits. What you need is an auto kill function that is within this above mentioned app.
    In fact this was the very first app along with an app Screen Off that I installed on my phone.

    You have to go in the app settings and create an ignore list for default android modules like for contacts and bluetooth etc. Rest all apps will be killed at the Screen Off event. Thereby reducing RAM and CPU and Display load very frequently. Also there is a setting to choose the Auto Kill level and frequency. There is also a security level wherein on setting low, it will kill almost all processes or apps except the bare minimum os modules to keep the phone running.
  22. Tushar4tush

    Tushar4tush New Member

    what are advantage of rooting the android phone?

  23. buntys006

    buntys006 New Member

    stuck at step 3... windows cannot find drivers :( .. please help
  24. hno3

    hno3 New Member

    Sucessfully rooted. Thanks
  25. vishnu531

    vishnu531 Member

    help me out rooting the micromax a52..i tried using micromax a50 rooting files it didn't worked..

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