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[TUT]How to unbrick your Galaxy AceTips

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  1. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    How to unbrick Samsung Galaxy Ace

    If your phone doesn

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  2. jdgreat4

    jdgreat4 Well-Known Member

    As a user called chismay said that it would be helpful for some of you users to know how to unbrick your phone, i decided to post how i unbricked my phone..
    Remove your battery(not necessary sim card and sd card, but you can always do it for safety)hold the vol-, home and power button and put the battery back in while doing this after a few seconds you will see the downloading screen and then flash your firmware...
    And as pujitjuneja said its actually easy ;)
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  3. geraldgeron

    geraldgeron Active Member

  4. chismay

    chismay Well-Known Member

    Hello!!!! And thank you lol
  5. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    will try screenshots too, and
    What about the cooper file?
  6. jdgreat4

    jdgreat4 Well-Known Member

  7. netcraze

    netcraze Member

    Never user rom manager. This would brick Samsung ACE. Even the above method will not work. The only option is to send it to the service center.
  8. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    The above method will work with most of the bricked phones.
    If your phone was bricked when rooted and all, the service center isn't going to do anything for free, so the best option is to use this, and then, if the phone is still not unbricked, you can just send it to samsung service center, and pay for it if you have to or just fake a problem.
    And no one talked about ROM manager, don't go off topic.
    Please test a method and only then comment about it.
  9. russbelluk

    russbelluk Member

    I was setting up adfree app and the phone went off and now nothing happens, wont turn on, screen nothing.

    Tried this method, got as far as odin detecting phone, then it just stops at settin up connection on odin and does nothing for ages.

    I had used odin to upgrade to 2.3.3 and was working fine.

    Anybody know anything about this issue?
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  10. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    Do one thing, just try to boot it into recovery, and then open kies.. and try emergency recovery.. if even that doesn't work, then you'll have to send it to samsung service (sorry :( )
  11. russbelluk

    russbelluk Member

    I've tried recovery, download all modes. I'm gonna go back to orange shop and get a replacement, they've said they'll do that for me. I dont really know if anything happens when going into these modes as nothing comes up on the screen.

    Slightly off topic. I DID manage to get flash player 10.3 to install on gingerbread, which apparently you cannot do so i dunno how that happened lol!!
  12. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    Really? You did? Damn, that's awesome :p
    Please try that again if you can :p and do tell us the results
  13. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member

    i had that bug when odin just got stuck at "setting up connection" when i tried to flash villainrom, i just removed it and did it again but i ticked debug mode or sth like this and it worked, so you might wanna try that out too
  14. russbelluk

    russbelluk Member

    It wud usually just say application not installed, but it said application installed, didnt try it on any flash websites as couldnt think of any heavy flash web sites off top of my head.

    Anyway back on topic. The odin recovery method did work sort of the 1st time i tried it. I pressed in vol -,home then on and put battery in then. PC did start installing drivers and the com port was detected on odin, but it just got to stage of setting up the connection to phone. Dont matter now as they'll give me a new phone anyways!!
  15. russbelluk

    russbelluk Member

    Did u tick any of the additional boxes to do this?
  16. pujitjuneja

    pujitjuneja Well-Known Member

    There's your answer buddy :)
  17. russbelluk

    russbelluk Member

    I asked that as when u tick the debug box, another 5 tick boxes appear. Its not working anyway with various combinations of boxes ticked!!
  18. aktifit

    aktifit Well-Known Member

  19. arenchen5

    arenchen5 Member

    my dead phone,no download mod,
    i try to connect by usb
    ,then remove battery,
    then press 3 button,
    then put battery again,
    then odin add,show yeallow colour
    ,but phone screen no show nothing.
    then i try flash.try all ways,includ debug etc.
    but always set connection.......fail

    som help pls
  20. sbnaul

    sbnaul Well-Known Member

    i had bricked my ace a few months ago when such methods wernt there... it happened when i was playing around with rom manager... but i am a happy person now as i got replacement for the same and my dealer also offered an upgrade... now i ve the sgs 16gbs... :)
  21. Nick Chan

    Nick Chan New Member

    Hi all, i like to ask how to move all the app in internal memory to external?
  22. monzonjessie

    monzonjessie Member

    you cannot move it unless if you rooted your phone and download apps2sd, move2sd and rom manager and set it up to super user, but rom manager is risky it will brick your phone,,, it happens to me and i just send it to samsung service center
  23. monzonjessie

    monzonjessie Member

    hello everyone! may i know what is odin? and how to get it? i just want to prepare my self in the future if my phone get brick.. thanx
  24. abhi.bana

    abhi.bana New Member

    ya buddy .. you are right..!! this is was exactly happend to me.. !! do you have any idea how much the service center may charge to fix this..?? i hope i don have to get the motherboard replaced!!
  25. abhi.bana

    abhi.bana New Member

    did they fix your phone for free??

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