[TUT] Installing Ubuntu For ARM On {GB} Galaxy Prevail In chroot Enviroment Using Windows 7

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  1. The~Skater~187

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    This is a modified version of the Tutorial found here:

    I had to do things a bit different to get it to work correctly.

    Custom Kernels using /data to sd/ext WILL NOT WORK! The /data/local directory MUST be on the internal data partition.

    These are the few things you will need to install Ubuntu in chroot on your Galaxy Prevail:

    -Rooted device
    -Busybox 1.19.4(I used this version for testing so I know it works)
    -Android VNCServer(free)
    -Android Terminal Emulator(free)
    -Access to a computer w/ adb
    -Samsung USB drivers
    -At least a 4gb of free space on your SD card(fat partition)
    -KoumaKernel_2.5 or Stock Kernel
    (I reccomend Kouma Kernel. The overclock makes a big difference and MUST be in SSM mode or DEFAULT)

    Ok here we go:

    -First, download the following Ubuntu.zip file (from a preferred mirror), unzip and copy over the whole ubuntu directory to the SD card of your Android smartphone/tablet device:

    Download AndroidUbuntu/ubuntu.zip at DownloadAndroidROM.com

    (Turn USB storage ON then copy over the Ubuntu folder to the root directory of your SD card.)

    1) Again, make sure you have your Android smartphone/tablet

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  3. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    Thanks L.V.
  4. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    eh i cant get past the update part lol
  5. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    What part is giving you problems?
  6. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic main restricted
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic main restricted
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic-updates main restricted
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic-updates main restricted
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic universe
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic universe
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic-updates universe
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic-updates universe
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic multiverse
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic multiverse
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic-updates multiverse
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic-updates multiverse
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic-security main restricted
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic-security main restricted
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic-security universe
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic-security universe
    deb Index of /ubuntu karmic-security multiverse
    deb-src Index of /ubuntu karmic-security multiverse

    this part i am using cmd cause i can just copy and paste ya know and once i add these then try to update get an error saying line 1 doesnt work or somehitng i cant remember for sure i closed it out
  7. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    You have to copy and add them one line at a time, plus make sure there is no numbers before the "deb" part of the repository.
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  8. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    I knew that -_- where is my mind at Thank you
  9. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    I updated the op I added the repos and some extra details to clearify things for everyone else.
  10. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    working like a charm ty bro
  11. The~Skater~187

    The~Skater~187 Well-Known Member

    You got it fully booted and loaded through vnc?
  12. kristopher5823

    kristopher5823 Well-Known Member

    Yeah even played a few games lol
  13. redgs95

    redgs95 Active Member

    I will give this a try as soon as I get a larger sd card.....:)
  14. Zenwafer

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