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  1. nouaeil

    nouaeil New Member

    I'll give you a link to download the file and steps. But I would like to quote a few things to read and I would in no way be responsible for any damages that may be caused by this manipulation, you are aware of the risks:

    1 - Remember to send the unit to Acer if your warranty is still valid may be better.
    2 - This method worked with me it does not necessarily mean it will work with you.
    3 - The version of my device "Acer Z2 WW 1.007.00 GEN1" and I think this update is specifically for this version, remember to check your version (maybe there were different versions for device)
    4 - My device "Acer Z2 Duo" (dual sim)

    The steps to follow.
    1-Download the file and put it in the root of your SD card.
    2-Turn off your phone, press the volume up and power button and hold both until vibration.
    3 - In the menu that appears you will have:
    "select boot mode:
    volume_up to select. volume_down is OK
    recovery mode
    fastboot Mode
    Normal mode "

    4 - Select "Recovery Mode" and press volume - (move with volume + and validate with volume -)
    5 - You have an image, press the "home" button (the one in the middle)
    6 - Move to "apply update from sdcard" (move with the volume + / -). Confirm with the "menu" button (the right one)
    7 - Select the desired file on your SD card and press the "menu" button
    8 - Wait until the operation finish and restart by selecting "reboot system now".
    9 - wait till your device restart normally ...

    The link:

    Acer Z2 sdUpdate

    I hope to provide information necessary for handling.

    please inform us the result.
    thank you

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  2. airquest

    airquest New Member

    Please, does this operation erase all data on SDCard and phone memory and go back to factory settings ?
    Thanks for your answer.
  3. airquest

    airquest New Member

    Anyone can tell me how to load the file on the sdcard in recovery mode ? I can't access the sdcard. The phone is not recognized by my computer, usb connection don't work. Please !! Thanks.
  4. cvel

    cvel New Member

    I have the same problem as airquest could anyone tell me if this problem can be resolved yet or not please its really doing my head in i have tried all the reset stuff i can find on the internet
  5. Irjan

    Irjan New Member

    Thanks, your procedures works!
    but I have another problem after update it. before stuck, the camera work properly. now, my acer liquid cannot access to the camera anymore. the error message -> "Can't connect to the camera".
  6. abenk4

    abenk4 New Member

    yes same problem,..stuck logo or hank finish,..but camera problem???? any solution,...maybe becouse this rom for z120....
  7. Foxie

    Foxie New Member

    You can get the official ROM to put on an SD card from acer's website straight. Just go to support, type the serial number of your phone (SNID) you can usually read inside it behind the battery, then download the 'OS'. This will give you a ~300MB ZIP file which you can put on your SD card.

    I'd rather do that than get it from some website or sharing site with 0 reputation.

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