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[Tutorial]: How to import multiple vCards into Google Contacts at once

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  1. aMpeX

    aMpeX Well-Known Member

    Hey folks,

    I hope i chose the right forum for this, if not, maybe some mod can push it to the right section.

    I want to share a quick solution with you that has helped me a great deal with getting my contacts from my soon-to-be-ex Nokia 5800 into my upcoming android device:

    As many of you may know, google contacts supports importing vCards, however, it only can import 1 vCard at once.

    This proves to be a major pain in the a**, as Nokia, at least on my 5800, tends to store each contact in a separate vCard file once I export my contacts to the microSD card.

    You have 2 options here:
    Either install mail for exchange on your device and sync it to your google account,
    or import each vCard separately (which may be hassle-free if you are forever-alone and have only 3 contacts, but I already struggled with my fairly small amount of ~60 contacts),so heres a little trick you can do to workaround this:

    Copy all your vcf files into one directory.
    Open a windows command prompt, navigate to your previously created directory and simply type
    Code (Text):
    1. copy *.vcf XXX.vcf
    with "XXX" being your destination file.

    What this does, it copies all contents of your separate *.vcf files into one single file. Now import this single file into your google contacts account and all your contacts should import just fine.

    Hope this helps some ppl with the same problem.



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  2. vinay aradhya

    vinay aradhya New Member

    Simple solution had invested lot of time on downloading few software's and had lost hope.
    Thanks a lot.
  3. adom408

    adom408 New Member

    How to import multiple vCard to goolge contacts at once without losing any information
  4. wigizzle

    wigizzle New Member

    I'm going to Staples to get an easy button. Your solution was easy AND free. Thank you very much.:D
  5. pvikramk

    pvikramk New Member

    Dude, thanks a ton. You dont know how much time you saved for me. I registered in to this site just to thank you.
  6. ftrobaugh

    ftrobaugh New Member

    We were given a simple, free way to import multiple cVards from Windows into gmail, and there is an analogous way to do it from OSX.

    Open a Terminal window, and go to the directory that contains your VCF files.

    In the OSX Terminal window, the command 'cat' prints out the contents of a file to the screen. Issuing the command 'cat *.vcf' will print out the contents of all VCF files in your directory.

    You can use the redirect command (the symbol '>' ) to take everything that gets printed to the screen and send it to a file.

    So the command 'cat *.vcf > ALL.vcf' will send all of your separate vCard files to a single vCard file called ALL.vcf.

    You can then import the file ALL.vcf into gmail contacts.

    Good Luck.

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