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  1. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    ok thankz budddyyyyy but it did what i said i have already tried

  2. saikalyanram

    saikalyanram Member

    Please do me a favour tell me how did you do it I want to test new ROMS on it but am afraid I will lose the factory ROM. Please tell me the root procedure...i will extract the apps myself and if you are a developer you will understand...what exploit works on mmx a85 for rooting ?
  3. First off, thanks a lot applicationz, you rock, I was able to upgrade my 2.2 to 2.3.4, working pretty Good except as you mentioned, Gesture control will not work, proximity sensor works most of the time, sometime does not, games are running well. Everything almost cool.
    2.3.4 interface is likeable. Once again, thanks a lot for doing this for A85/W700/A100/2x users.
    I am not a developer, just other tech savvy user thats all. Applicationz, his english is not good, might be thats why upgrade process seems to be confusing. So, this is what i did to upgrade.
    1. Downloaded the package.
    2. extracted all folders from the file and place all under c:\, all of them. then followed process of upgrading as mentioned above.

    Also, let me know where do you want this to be uploaded, i dont have much knowledge of file sharing etc.

    And sorry for late response, did not check this for a while was busy with 2.3.4... Let me know if anyone has query.
    Also, it will wipe off your old os ie froyo 2.2, be sure that you want to void your warranty before you upgrade.
  4. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    After backup of official rom warranty me be recovered
    and yup i am too bad in english
  5. vinay007parab

    vinay007parab Active Member

    dude may be you r lil bad with english .. but you r best at heart man .... you rock ............. appreciated
  6. vinay007parab

    vinay007parab Active Member

    dude do some thing cus ... good news ive updated ma cell to android 2.3 but bad news it hungs every few seconds ...........i mean to say its a inital start and every tome android word is highlighted.....plz applicationz do some thing ................................


  7. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    ...........i mean to say its a inital start and every tome android word is highlighted.....???
    i did'nt get you properly
  8. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    U updated ur a85 using chinese site na
    Igyaan posted that I think they used ur tutorial.
    Just wait bcoz they are gonna post a video tutorial on this then match that tutorial with urs and then finally kick them off for copying ur tut widout taking ur perm.
  9. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    This tutorial is located here :
    + use Google translate !
    So Igaan can claim a source !

    also @applicationz is camera working ? any bugs detected?
  10. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    ..repost.. slow internet. connection
  11. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    yup camera is working and distance sensore has bugs
    and also battery life is having a certain problem
  12. Guys, I was installing another rooted rom 2.3.4 from chinese site after successful upgrade from applicationz 2.3.4.

    It seems to have deleted baseband details, I will have to reflash stock rom, unfortunately do not have backup, if anyone has a backup of 2.2 stock rom for mmx a85, let me know, will need it desperately.

    Any help will be really appreciated
  13. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    dude never flash baseband as their is only 1 baseband of india present (i think not have much knowledge about it sorry)
    the baseband info is still present just restart or reflash phone it will be their i have tried all 2.2 and 2.3 available their and their is a little better 2.3 available but i am not gonna link because of battery life and bug
  14. The phone shows as in airplane mode, when i go to settings, airplane mode is unchecked, what can be done to resolve this?
  15. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    install unofficail 2.2 in root forums of a85 it is better
  16. Did that installed micromax a85 gms 2.2, still no network and no bluetooth and data, wifi is working fine. Infact I liked the 2.2 rom from ktouch, it is rooted and excellent display.

    What next?
  17. Ok, now back to your rom flashed using nvmultidown, no option to select mobile network in this one also, is something corrupted or need to be flashed to restore network back?
  18. vinay007parab

    vinay007parab Active Member

    follow the tutorial steps properly and it should work fine .......even i hade same problem for 2.3 update but later entire system used to get crashed every sec so switched back to 2.2 gms it worked for me and iam lovin it
  19. Link to 2.2 tutorial?
  20. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

  21. everything working except mobile network, got a w700 radio.img but device is detected as unknown device in device manager and installing driver does not succeed, any suggestions?
  22. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    have you brushed bp means have you flashed baseband with it?
  23. no, do not know the process to do it, how to transfer radio.img, phone is not getting detected in windows, gets detected as unknown device, which driver should i install?
  24. here it is

    Attached Files:

  25. applicationz

    applicationz Well-Known Member

    uninstall and then install nvidia drivers

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