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[TUTORIAL] Increase RAM in Micromax A56...Root Needed

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  1. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    Hey Guys...i've found a way after lots of research and experiments a way to increase RAM in Micromax A56 (thanks to xda). Unlike most of the devices A56 supports swap default by its stock kernel.

    Note - This Mod May/Will Degrade Your SDCARD Life.

    Needed Apps - Swapper for root and Swapper2 (Download these from Playstore)


    1. Click on Active Swap on boot.
    2. Set swap file partition to - "SD Card FAT Partition"
    3. Enter "512" or "256" in swap file size(in MB).
    4. Click Save it will take some time about 2-4 minutes depending upon the swap file size we created. (you can experiment with the swap file size).


    1. Open Swapper2.
    2. U'll see a black screen, click on ads off.
    3. Now go to settings, Make sure you have "Run swapper at startup" box checked. Go to swap place and change it to "/sdcard/swap.swp".
    4. Now Click on swap size and choose 256mb(you can experiment with the digits).
    5. Go to swappiness and set it to 100.
    6. Check the boxes "Safe Unmount" and "Safe Remount".
    7. Now go to "Advanced Prefrences"-->Check the box "Reformat swap".
    8. Leave everything else as it is...Don't touch anything and exit settings come to main screen of swapper2.

    NEXT STEP-----> ACTION..!!!!

    1. Click on "ON" Button. It will/may show some fails but don't freak out(its normal), Wait untill it shows "All Done!"
    3. Now we are done...!!!! Now check ur sdcard, you will see a file named "swap.swp".
    4. Now download Advanced Task Killer from the market and kill all the running apps and go and see ur free RAM. You will see more RAM free than usual. But in actual u have more than that cuz we just created a swap in our SDCARD.

    NOW you can play Games which require heavy ram usage ( I love that..!!!) Like Temple Run, Asphalt 6, etc. Some games may still show little lags.
    If you want more performance while gaming, download Chainfire3D and All its plugins and play.

    If this helped you Click THANKS to help me.

    This method can work for other devices too...TRY and SEE...!!!

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  2. suraj84

    suraj84 Member

    Hey, how to revert the whole process? I mean if I don't need this extra RAM anymore, what would I do then?
  3. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    1. Turn off the swap in swapper2/
    2. Delete the swap file from sdcard.
  4. suraj84

    suraj84 Member

    Have you tried RAM Manager Pro? I think it's a very good app to balance your ram usage. It can also create swap file of upto 256 MB in the SD card and use it as ram. Please view it and leave your comment.
  5. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    yes i m using it but only for ram management not for swap...cut i want more than 256mb swap..:) Its an excellent app. Try it.
  6. suraj84

    suraj84 Member

    what is busybox and how to install it? Please tell in details.
  7. suraj84

    suraj84 Member

    I used BusyBox Installer and tried to install busybox version 1.20.2 but it did not get installed. It showed error that my rom is not supported for the version. Then I installed busybox 1.18.4 and it successfully got installed. But when I ran swapper2 it showed error. What should I do. Please tell in details.
  8. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

  9. suraj84

    suraj84 Member

    I successfully installed busybox at last and setup swapper2. Temple run runs but is very laggy. I couldn't able to play the game properly.
  10. suraj84

    suraj84 Member

    Have you guys got success on installing ClockworkMod Recovery on this phone? If yes, please tell me the procedure.
  11. imrealashu

    imrealashu New Member

    I have rooted Samsung Galaxy Ace
    I have made partition of my SD card (ext2 – 1024 MB) and a Linux Swap (500 MB).
    I can able to use that ext2 partition properly using link2Sd, but not Linux Swap.
    When I’m opening Swapper and clicking on “ON” then following message gets appear,
    Please wait…
    ->Setting swappiness ok
    ->Turning partition off(partition) FAIL
    ->Enabling swap(partition) FAIL
    ->All Done
    what to do now?
    I’ve tried other options like “Create Swap”, “Format Swap” but did get such messages like above..
    Please help…!!
    Thank You...
  12. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    u have have to put the partitions path in the advanced settings on swapper 2 and check the box use swap partition.
  13. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    No success yet in CWM matter...but we hope to get it done soon.
  14. nikhillaul

    nikhillaul New Member

    what is busybox
    need to root a57
  15. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    see the posts above ur post.
  16. AkashAlien

    AkashAlien New Member

    thanx anshubham i increased ram of a57 ,tanx a lot for sharing
  17. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    ur always welcome..btw have u rooted a57.???
  18. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

  19. Hi,

    I am using Ninja 4 micromax A87 have followed the above steps and its says on swapper 2 all done but RAM still showing 40-50mb free only....is there anything more that needs to be done on this model and does it supports swap or not????
  20. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    It can't be seen in settings but it uses it in background...please read the last part of the tutorial. It gets used automatically when a heavy app is started dats y we are able to play temple run so smooth.
  21. dhyijz

    dhyijz New Member

    is this also working in SONY XPERIA ARC S?..
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  22. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    Ya it'll work on any phone..:) :smokingsomb:
  23. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

  24. bandey44

    bandey44 New Member

    at the last step after clicking the on button .. it shows "please wait" stays stuck ... nothing happens even after 1hour ...plz help
  25. neerajkumar

    neerajkumar Member

    does swapper 2 works in micromax a73...?? and how to expand RAM in micromax a73.

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