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  1. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !


    Apps used - Link2SD

    the main problem with Micromax A70 is that it
    1.) it has just got 190Mb of Internal memory for installing apps and widgets
    2.) though Android 2.2 supports apps2sd it just moves the data files to sd but the main memory eater "dalvik cache" and libraries stay on the phone
    3.) when you connect the phone to pc for file transfer you canot access the apps which are transferred to sd card !
    3.) if you use disk analyser to se the things that eat up your memory you find a folder named "Dalvik Cache" eating it the most ! well this goes on my nerves !
    NOTE : Dalvik cache is the folder where Android system stores the Dalvik Virtual machines for every app on the memory this is the default architecture by android and thus is one of the folders that you will notice to reappear after you delete it .

    These problems are indeed faced by almost Micromax A70 and may other phones users
    so there many ways to solve this problem one of them is by apps2sd method ( not native but is made by a developer over xda which is like a technique to create a shortcut link over the devices data ,dalvik cache , and library folders on sd card the problem is that
    1.) what if i need only some apps on sd and some that i frequently use on device?
    2.) what if the sd card crashes and the entire system that is on sd card gets bricked ( as even system dalvik cache folder is moved to sd !)
    3.) it is damn complicated !!
    4.) it does not have a proper GUI
    5.) worst part - it does not work on Micromax a70 ( already tried !)

    well so the other method is to use Link2sd ( this works )

    NOTE: DO ALL THESE STUFF ALL OF YOUR RISK I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF ANY KIND WHAT SO EVER HAPPENS. I REPEAT I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOSS OF ANY KIND also by rooting you void your warranty and any bad step can cause your phone to get converted in to a paper weight
    also the softwares mentioned by me here are not developed by me it is just the tutorial i am writing as many places you find the things confusing

    so now here comes the part that you need to do !

    1.) you need a sd card ( i recommend to use Class 10 sd cards as you will be running your wished apps entirely from sd)
    the info abt what is Class 10 SD : Secure Digital - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    the place from where i got the sd card purchased : Flipkart.com: Transcend Memory Card MicroSDHC MicroSDHC 16GB Class 10: Memory Card
    - for Transcend Micro SD class 10 Card 16 GB for Rs. 1700
    ( i am giving this link as i did not find Class 10 sd cards with any retailer in the commercial and entertainment capital of India ! )

    else your regular sd card (which is usually class 2) will also do !!!

    2.) now you have to decide what amount of space you need for installing apps and how much you need for your personal files !
    [ as i purchased 16 GB card i decided 2 GB for apps but usually 512 Mb is enough and 1 GB is more than enough ]! just keep this in mind ! nothing else we will need this later !

    3.) you will need to root your device ( rooting means gaining complete access over your device .

    3.a)you can follow any other tutorial for the same but here i will give the way it is easy
    3.b) download Z4Root from any source on internet or use this link
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!
    3.c) install this program
    3.d) after installing th program click on Permanent root button
    3.e) do not panic if screen does white and the phone will restart
    3.f) after restarting you will find a app called "Superuser"
    3.g) if not again click on Z4root and click on Permanent root option
    3.h) you are done with rooting

    4.) Back up your current device ( full rom backup this will remain like helpful if everything fails)

    4.a) Install Rom manager from Market http://goo.gl/BGGUs
    4.b) OPen it and then click on "Flash ClockworkMod Recovery" [NOTE THIS WILL VOID YOUR WARRANTY COMPLETELY AS IT CAUSES TO OVER WRITE THE DEFAULT RECOVERY BY MICROMAX but you will nit need any micromax support once you are don with one back up of the Stock system !! what they do at service ( they call it as installing system software you can do at home !)

    4.c) now after you grand the app for superuser permissions and every thing is completed , just click on "Backup Current ROM"
    again it will ask for super user permission allow it and then it will restart after restarting it will boot to recovery mode and take current roms backup over your sd card !

    4.d) then after it finishes it will automatically restart to your system ! else use your volume keys to navigate and select the option for system restart from the menu that appears after the backup is successful
    4.e) now your system is full proof !! anything happens you can restore the previous rom backup [ oops forgot to mention Rom means your entire current system including EVERYTHING that is in your system ]
    4.f) VERY IMPORTANT copy the backup to your computer it is present in the folder named "clockworkmod" on sd card this must not be lost EVER

    5.) now in the nest step you will need to erase all the data over the sd card
    hence you ned to back up all files over your sd card also note that as as card id being formatted it will erase all the apps you have already transferred to sd card and hence the apps will become non functional i recommend doing a factory reset before starting the further processes or at-least transfer all apps to internal memory or install them ( can be installed later)

    6.) now you need to Format the sd card this is the most difficult job in the entire tutorial ( except reading everything i have typed !)
    There are many ways to do it but i will specify the two most used ways and that works !!

    I.) simplest way - by using rom manager ( btw i used Rom Manager Pro for backup and then partitioned by second method caz it is more sure but a bit difficult but the ultimate aim is to partition the sd into ext3 partition and a fat partition)

    a.) Open Rom Manager
    b.) Click on "Reboot into Recovery "
    c.) allow the super user permissions if asked
    d.) the phone will reboot into system recovery mode now from there use your Volume key for navigation and powerkey for selection
    e.) enter to "Mounts and storage menu"
    f.) select "format /sdcard"
    g.) then click on yes !
    h.) after format is compete go to "advanced" menu in the main menu
    i.) select "partition sd card"
    j.) elect the size that you thought in step 2
    k.) for then it will ask for "Swap size" select 0M
    m.)select yes for confirmation of partition.)you are done

    [note this requires heavy download and is a bit difficult step hence use the I step]
    II.) From PC [any Mac,Windows,Ubuntu]
    Complete Tutorial found here:
    from this choose format to ext 3 and you are done
    7.) now go to main menu and then select "reboot system now"

    8.) after reboot go to market and download app named "Link2sd"

    9.) now it will ask for creation of mount script click on "Ext3"

    10.) then ok

    11.) it will show that mount script created

    12.) perform quick reboot from the notification button or by going to more options in link2sd app

    13.) now you will see the list of installed programs in your phone

    14.) select the option of multi select from the options menu select all the user pps ( only they can be selected) [ by using "titanium backup pro" you can convert the system apps to user apps then transfer them to sd card but i will not recommend this as system apps are very delicate and may not work on sd card]

    15.) click "select all" from options if you want all your apps to be selected ( user apps) then after selection click on "actions" in menu

    16.) click on "create link"

    17.) select all the three options "link application file" ,"Link Dalvik-cache",Link library files

    18. ) click on ok

    19 .) you are done
    20.) now if you had factory reset the phone on previous steps i had recommended you will not see any user apps in the list as it will appear later as you go on installing the apps from sources or market

    21.) now again to link2sd app then select "settings" from menu
    22.)click on "Auto link"
    23.) click on "Auto link settings" and select all the three options
    24.) select " auto link notification"
    25.) select in "Stoage info" to see the current status of all you memory

    26.) you will notice what so ever app you install you will not find any increase in the device memory !! all apps are linked to the ext partition you created !!
    NOW all the apps you install will be automatically be linked to sd when you install them
    also if you do not want the app to be on sd card ( usually for apps that you use frequently and are for ppl who find that te app is slow caz they do not have class 10 microsd !)
    just select the app and then select remove link!!
    note: do not select the button for move to sd after you link the app to sd as move tosd transfers the app to sd in native method that is useless !!

    1.) the Apps are inaccessible with notification of " this app is not installed " after using link2sd
    ans .) this occurs if your Ext partition is not mounted at boot up well this is very common
    1.) go to link2sd app and select in more options "recreate mount scripts"
    2.) select ext3
    3.) click "ok"
    4.) it will show up that the scripts are created click on ok
    5.) go to more options in link2sd select quick reboot
    6.) your apps are done
    7.) if it shows "Mount Warning " repeat the above steps again !
    8.) problem solved !! after clicking Quick reboot it will work fine
    NOTE: this will happen after every boot of your phone( or every time you shut down and start your phone in that case just go to more options in Link2sd and select Quick reboot
    your problem will be solved on first quick reboot or may need you to recreate mount scripts and the quick reboot twice !

    2.) "mount script error"
    ans) just wait for 5 minutes and try again

    3.) my apps load slow
    ans.) this is normal ! if you want faster speeds purchase class 10 sd

    4.) after the notification of "linking the app to sd " by link2sd app my phone hangs for a seconds or few
    ans.) this is normal and will occur as the link2sd will utilise the resources for linking2sd ! again for less time wai purchase class 10 sd

    5.)after every reboot i see "problem loading widgets "
    ans.) well this is a problem ! the thing id that if you just delete existing widget and re add them to screen they will work fine but if you want the wigets to appear on the screen after every boot automatically just remove the link from sd and they will be transfered to the internal memory and will work fine

    6.) Link2sd constantly gives warning of no mounting
    ans.) well just a few checking do you see the ext partition in storage info in link2sd , you see the reduced space in sd card when you connect the phone to computer, if not , create the mount scripts again mentioned earlier, or then you have not partition properly jut repartition again
    7.) The space on Internal memory as seen to get low from the "storage info" in Link2sd
    ans.) well this is completely normal you may see the increase in use of internal memory while loading applications at beginning this is just virtual it will be recovered after a quick reboot or by just some time !

    7.) i have messed up every thing what to do?
    1.) copy the backup you took before and then past it back to sd
    2.)just go to Rom Manager and click on "Manage and restore backups"
    3.) click on the backup and then click on restore !!
    4.) the phone will reboot and then it voila its done !!!

    8.) I cannot install more apps than some limited number CAZ OF PHONE SLOW DOWN OR HIGH BOOT TIMINGS
    ans. ) well this is not your phone or other problem you need to disable the apps that start up at boot by es task manager and kill existing apps that are running from advanced task killer ! or from settings>applications>running services then tap to kill
    2.) there are already 161 apps installed ! refer the screen shot . WITHOUT CONSUMING ANY INTERNAL memory

    Advantages :
    1.) you can save the space on Internal memory ( i personally have 70% free Memory from the time i have factory reset and did these steps i.e i just have utilized 1% of it !since that day
    2.)can move only selected apps to sd
    3.) any problem in system may be solved by recovering the backed up rom

    For Pro users

    just follow some simple steps .
    1.) root your phone( i have given a link from internet for download of z4root any other will do i it works for you but for Micromax A70 z4root works)
    2.) install Rom manager , and take a nandroid Backup
    3.) format then partition the sd card from pc or from the Rom mamager
    4.) install Link2sd
    5.) create mount scripts for ext3 partition
    6.) select auto link from settings
    7.) again create mount scripts and quick reboot for any problems!


    I could have suggested to use Fat32 or ext2 or even ext4 instead of ext 3 but there are many grave problems!
    1.)when you create a fat32 partition you cannot use the apps till the whole of Android boots up while ext partitions are mounted at the time of booting hence they are available
    2.) also the problem with fat32 is that the apps won't work when you connect the phone to pc which is damn dangerous as we are shifting entire apps to the ext partition
    3.) also ext 2 is not journaled !! the Greatest disadvantage of it also ext 3 is faster
    4.) though ext4 is faster than ext3 , it is not supported by the kernel !!
    5.) more ever i already said that this tutorial is designed for complete newbies ! who will probably use Rom manager for partition which ( the lastest version ) creates ext3 partition !! hence i have specified ext3 particularly !


    Do support the developer for such a amazing development official page and donation link here
    [App] Link2SD - xda-developers

    Any questions are welcome

    also any body i need the preinstalled apps from Micromax A70 as in experiments i have ost them !! namely the m!apps, The piano app that came this can be shared by taking the backup of them and giving me or by just sending me there apk from a rooted device the help is very much needed !
    if you find this useful plz share the file too for my help!! also donate to the original developer !

    *NOTE : for thousands of apps you will need a large second parititon also the number varies by the size of apps

  2. gouthamb

    gouthamb Well-Known Member

    thanks for the info,i am newbie.
  3. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    Well a2sd does work on A70...
  4. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

  5. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member

    It's not always ext3 mount scripts with Link2SD.

    If you partition using the recovery, it should be ext2.
  6. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    well i tried many times and it does not work also it has many disadvantages over the post i have posted
    by link2sd you get more freedom !
    also it does not have its built gui thought there are gui available now but still the method fails to create mount script that is created y Link2sd i was able to install apps2sd on a70 but then constantly it did not mount the ext partition
    while on other hand link2sd allows you to create mount scripts
    to the full, if it does not get mounted apps 2sd will cause the system to be unstable !!!
  7. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    No this is not true i have self partitioned the sd card from Rom manager and it does do ext3 partition may be you have some older version of it i used the newer one 4.8 ! and it does create ext3 partition
  8. samrox144

    samrox144 Disabled

    All the partition automatically change to one the kernel supports so don't worry if it is ext4 or 3
  9. jas2090

    jas2090 Well-Known Member

    and our kernel only supports ext3 partition so thats why ninadchaudhari said to create sdext3 mount script and also u can try all other it will say "mount script can't be created as no such device found" (something like this)

    its good that u mentioned u can install 1k apps but theres a problem after 40 apps all roms(till now ) are slowing down bcoz of non-efficient utilization of architecture of hardware by our micromax compiled kernel
  10. akshaybz

    akshaybz Well-Known Member


    Mine didn't recognize it when I selected the ext3 :/
  11. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    That's not true.
    I have used fat32, ext2 & now using ext3..
    All the time, mount script created and partition does get mounted, everytime.
    And no,it didn't changed to ext3 any time...i have checked everytime for some reason with gparted in my linux and the filesystem was the one which i created on partitioning.
  12. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    The problem is that when you create a fat32 partition you cannot use the apps till the whole of Android boots up while ext partitions are mounted at the time of booting hence they are available
    2.) also the problem with fat32 is that the apps won't work when you connect the phone to pc which is damn dangerous as we are shifting entire apps to the ext partition
    3.) also ext 2 is not journaled !! the Greatest disadvantage of it also ext 3 is faster
    4.) though ext4 is faster than ext3 , it is not supported by the kernel !!

    also for you problem of not loading scripts at the boot i have already posted FAQ that you need to create the scripts again and then Quick reboot ( note not Full reboot )
    repeat this is it does not work! if not you havent partitioned the drive properly use Rom manager !
  13. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    Hi i can help you provide me some more details of what did u do ? also did you use rom manager for partition?
    also just click on recreate mount scripts and then quick reboot twice !!!
  14. ninadchaudhari

    ninadchaudhari What's up !

    First off thanks for making it clear that ext 4 cannot be mounted !
    second I have personally installed 161 apps of course more than 40 which keep on increasing !
    here is the screen shot :
    Multiupload.com - upload your files to multiple file hosting sites!

    also abt the slow down of your phone i will recommend you to use ES task manager for disabling the auto startup of apps on every boot !! or you just need to upgrade to class 10 card for in app speed ! or you may have many apps apps running in background ! just close them with advanced task killer
  15. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    I know that all dude,that was all research for me only,i just tried out them all n now using ext3 as its best for device.I m not an empty nutshell.
    And FYI,i never had any problem of not loading scripts...

    Its's not usual fat32 its second fat32 partition,link2sd supports that too.
    And that 2nd did get mounted on boot(or may be just after boot),my apps were available right after boot & not after "Preparing sd card"....
    And I m just clearing wrong thoughts about supported filesystems & like he said other filesystems would not get mounted..I m not challenging anyone...I m just sharing what I have experienced.
  16. mastermind1024

    mastermind1024 Well-Known Member

    I don't understand why u get everything as an offense to u???
    Dude, once again I m telling u I know all these things...
    I did not hit Thanks or I did not post "Great tutorial" that doesn't mean I don't appreciate your effort.
    Well I just said a2sd does work that not mean link2sd is bad...n u know what i m using link2sd since i rooted.I have tried a2sd n it does work,that's it.I m not telling this is fine n this is bad,let the user decide that.
    Ur post said a2sd is not supported(n even u highlighted as Best part) that is y I just wanted to clear you that a2sd is supported on this device.It did not work for u doesn't mean it is not working on device.(a2sd is in built in hybrid rom v2 & ashwa rom v1).Our devs worked hard for that just appreciate their efforts n don't wrong post that's what I mean to say.
  17. adityadeva

    adityadeva Well-Known Member

    Good tutorial, great patience and effort.

    1. A2sd works on a70 (as doc / mastermind has told)
    2. I've had stablity issues with mounting ext3 scripts. after two or three reboots link2sd failed to recognise sd-ext partition. to verify this stability issue. I tried ext3 with link2sd 7 times. each time I would get a link2sd not recognising the ext3 partition and I lost data.

    3. then I used gparted in linux and formated my sd-partition to ext2. so far it has been stable (touchwood).

    4. there is a app called data2sd. it copies the entire /data partion to a loop file in sdcard (fat partition) and makes a ext2 in a loop file. I had no success with that one so far.
  18. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Hey bro it seems that u can't make a partition correctly ....
    Did u format ur memory card before creating partition then do it...create partition with ur desired req. And select swap size 0mb and partition as ext2 or ext3
  19. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Hey gautam I used swap size 32mb when I got new memory card.
  20. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Its of no use as our kernel doesn't support swap so 32mb is wasted
    ninadchaudhari likes this.
  21. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Should I try to use any such app from market just for trial?
    Will it mess my phone.
  22. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    Mess ur phone?
    Well, u can try but u'll find no sucess
  23. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    I mean to say will it lead to any damage to kernel or bootloader.
  24. cool.gautam

    cool.gautam Well-Known Member

    To be honest I don't know
    But if it doesn't support it it won't work :)
  25. varun.chitre15

    varun.chitre15 Well-Known Member Developer

    Ok then it's good to not take any risk

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