Tutorial: Moving Stuff Between Android and PC

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  1. RavinGill

    RavinGill Member

    :eek:Same thing on my end, any ideas why? HTC 1x

  2. hbcalif12

    hbcalif12 New Member

    Nice write up OP ! Thanks for doing the research and documentation !!
  3. Thanks it for your time to write this for all of us.
  4. I am a new user of Android smartphone, I really learn much from it, thanks again!
  5. linuxrich

    linuxrich Well-Known Member

    Great tutorial! For those who'd like a little more in the way of security, I'd recommend getting SSHDroid on your phone and something like Cyberduck, FileZilla or WinSCP on your client PC if your operating system doesn't support SFTP natively in it's file manager.
  6. spypher

    spypher Member

    No one has mentioned this yet...


    It's a great implementation of a SAMBA server... I got it up and running in no time...

    It's got AP whitelists so that you only have shares on access points you choose

    It uses every bit of wifi bandwidth it can, so it's fast for anything other than huge media files

    It doesn't require any extra software on your computer (macs and windows support SMB shares out of the box)

    You can Map Network Drive on your computer and access your phone files from a drive letter

    You can open files on your phone in any windows program directly... just like it was a local disk...
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  7. AmyAndroid

    AmyAndroid Member

    Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It sure simplifies things. But I think I am doing something wrong. My files get copied in a very disorderly manner. Afolder of over 500 slides of ques/ans gets copied disorderly....slide 1, then 10 etc. I have tried copying initially with the usb connected to my pc, the external drive and have even tried the webstorage( which took forever). All produced the same results. After this tutorial ,I ran to try again and its still same result. I am not tech savvy and I'v tried all I can. Can anyone PLS be kind enough to help? Will using an SD card be helpful?
  8. BWRpota

    BWRpota Well-Known Member

    I thought I had this down pat.
    I am attempting to move some files from my phone to my laptop, via my WiFi home network.
    1) My phone is connected to my home network.
    2) I opened File Expert on my phone.
    3) I first selected several files for transfer.
    4) Clicked and held on one of the files to be transferred.
    5) Selected, "Send File".
    6) After a status bar had almost fully completed on my phone, I got the error msg., "No device found".
    My laptop was already connected wirelessly to the network.
    I have done this before, and it was simple then.
    I did notice that I recieved no option on my phone as to where to send the file. It was my intent to send the files to a USB flash drive inserted into my laptop.
    What could I have done wrong? I have changed no settings.
  9. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

  10. BWRpota

    BWRpota Well-Known Member

    Okeedokee, thanks to Darkuni's most excellent tut (expect a fruit basket, dude), I was able to transfer files FROM my SGSII, and TO my laptop.
    However, now I need to transfer files FROM my LAPTOP, then TO my SGSII.
    Any thoughts on how to do this one?
    I would prefer to do this via USB, as well.
  11. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    It sounds like your problem relates to the names of your files. Try changing the picture numbered '1' to '001' and see what happens. You have over 500? So you will need zeros before all of your numbers, thus making the numbers either at least 3, but preferably 4 digits total (so '1' may need to be '0001', thus helping you if you ever get into the thousands).

    Go online and find a reliable batch file renaming software so that you don't have to manually rename (although only slightly) hundreds of files. But make sure you read all the instructions for that software! As you can imagine, you could end up with a mess if you do not use the software properly.

    Many softwares read numbers in file names from left to right (alphabetized like an encyclopedia or phone book), rather than seeing the number as a whole. So when the computer reads '1' it places it with the other numbers that begin with '1', rather than knowing that it is simply a single digit number (like how in the encyclopedia, 'I' is the first letter in the 'I' section because it's organized alphabetically. It's not placed right after 'A' because it's short in length). Additionally, software organization will put that '1' first in the list of the other numbers because, for example, in an encyclopedia you will see that 'to' comes before 'too' because it doesn't have the last letter. Thus, adding the proper number of Zeros before the numbers you're using should remedy all of your problems.

    Hope this helps!
  12. arnoldward929

    arnoldward929 Member

    Info is shared here quite clearly and in detailed so thanks for this info.
  13. BWRpota

    BWRpota Well-Known Member

    ...is quite difficult to find. Often the info I find pertains directly to my problem...almost.
    It's usually better to just ask, but I do try to find it myself, first.
  14. Bilbobaggings

    Bilbobaggings Member

    Many thanks for this step by step for FE.

    I am having trouble trying to connect my Superpad 7 fly touch to my Windows 7 Ultimate via USB connection without any joy and whilst researching, i cam across this thread. So i have
    downloaded FE and also purchased the Pro key. I was suprised the key was only
  15. perryg114

    perryg114 Member

    Loaded this on my Samsung S3 and I can't figure out how to get access to the External SD card. I have tried the web way of doing things and the ftp way and I can't find anything but the internal SD card.

  16. komputer

    komputer Member

    Sorry but you lost me. Are you saying that I can copy/move from the PC to the Phone ie S3 using Windows Explorer?

    I like using a direct USB cable instead of wireless, etc.

    I can see the phone ie SPH-L710 in WE. I can see the card but can not create folders. How can I just do it like I do a flash drive? Just connect the phone and do like a flash drive NO?

    Being an old man, I get lost at about 3 steps. I like the KISS principle, Keep it simple stupid. You procedure was WAYYYYYYYYYY too long. Can you break it down to about 2 or 3 steps like open WE, navigate to the internal sd card, drag and drop?

    Thanks for your time and effort. ya am that old, komputer is the nick..when a puter was 2 fingers and a string. Talk about mass memory!
  17. komputer

    komputer Member

    I do the same thing but I do see the phone, ie S3 in Windows Explorer it is under SPH-L710.

    Bad thing is can not create new folders. Does not give me the option when I right click on it.

    on the left of WE, I see. computer> Boot drive C> SPH-L710> ' Under it I see Card and Phone

    When I right click on Card ( to create a new folder like I do in windows) a window pops up with the following


    open in new windows



    What am I doing wrong?

    Guess I could take the sd card out, put it in a card reader and the open it using WE?

    Why can I not do it like I do on my desktop windows? I connect a flash drive, open WE and there it is. I can drag and drop I can even use freefilesync to sync between 2 drives. Can it be done with pc and phone that way? thanks
  18. texgram1

    texgram1 New Member

    HELP!!!! How do I transfer pictures from my Samsung Galaxy S phone's internal SIMS card to my new external formatted SIMS card? and from the external SIMS card to my computer?
  19. perryg114

    perryg114 Member

    If you have a Samsung phone you can download and install Kies and use your USB cable to transfer files from internal to external card and to the PC.


    There is a free app that will let you connect to computers on your WiFi network. You have to have your phone set to access your WiFi network and have sharing enabled on your computers. I can access all my computers and my server and download stuff back and forth using ES File Explorer.


  20. 350X

    350X Well-Known Member

  21. anne785

    anne785 Guest

    ya very useful information "darkuni" I was searching for a longer time for the method of transferring the files form Android to PC. Finally today I got it. Thanks for your valuable time.
  22. That is a nice post darkuni
    People who have been seeking for this sort of information can get knowledge from here, instead of starting a new thread they can have their problem solved here.
  23. electroman00

    electroman00 New Member

    Here are two programs one can use to do secure file transfer protocol SFTP.

    The Windows 7 32/64 program is Winscp and putty


    WinSCP is an open source free sFTP/FTP client for Windows and the prefered choice for remote file management and editing. WinSCP documentation.

    Legacy SCP protocol is also supported. Its main function is safe copying of files between a local and a remote computer.
    Download & Install WinSCP

    Download the Windows installer from the WinSCP Download Page.
    After successfully downloading the file execute it to install the program, your best bet is to run a typical install.
    After the installation of WinSCP we can also integrate PuTTY, which can be downloaded here.
    Save the putty.exe file in the WinSCP folder tree C:\Program Files\WinSCP\PuTTY

    Configuring PuTTy Integration

    PuTTY is a free implementation of Telnet and SSH for Win32 and Unix platforms, along with an xterm terminal emulator.

    Open WinSCP
    Select Preferences from the left tree
    Then click on the Preferences button
    Select Applications under Integration from the left tree
    Browse to the location where you saved the putty.exe file typically

    "C:\Program Files\WinSCP\PuTTY\putty.exe"
    Note:You can use the Windows variables for instance %PROGRAMFILES% to specify the path to your Program Files folder.
    When done click OK.

    Choosing a Preferred Editor

    WinSCP allows for defining preferred editors based on file extensions to add, remove, edit remote files.

    Open WinSCP
    Select Preferences from the left tree
    Then click on the Preferences button
    Select Editors in the left tree
    Then select the add button
    Within the Add Editor popup window make the appropriate changes and select the OK button

    Using WinSCP

    The first time use of WinSCP requires connection information to login to your server:

    Start WinSCP
    Enter the hostname or IP number of your server (Tablet or Phone)
    Set the port number to 53522.
    Enter your credentials (username=root and associated password).
    Click Save
    Click Login

    and the tablet/phone app is Server Ultimate

    Select SSH Server type

    Server Name= as desired
    Use port 53522

    Be sure you add a Server Ultimate user
    user=root (must be root)
    password=as desired

    Be sure to set Winscp port to the same 53522

    When you start WinSCP, Winscp will also open a Terminal Shell Window
    and log you in automatically.

    Once you learn WinSCP you will be a pro @ file systems....

    You can SFTP to your phone from anywhere in the world.
    You would need to forward your router WanIP to the phoneIP on
    port 53522.

  24. paroots

    paroots Well-Known Member

    Before I read this post, I've been using my Firefox browser in conjunction with the WiFi File Transfer app on my Galaxy Nexus to copy files back and forth. Is this basically equivalent to what's described here? I'm trying to find out if a switch would be desirable? Note: the only thing I don't like is that there doesn't seem to be the equivalent of Properties on the phone side (using this app) to check size, date, etc.
  25. perryg114

    perryg114 Member

    I have been able to access my home network through WiFi using ES File Explorer. You just download the app and go to LAN then hit the search icon and it finds everything on my network. I can download and upload anything I want. Of course you have to enable sharing. Usually I upload and download from Window Home Server.


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