[TUTORIAL] Play Heavy Games [Temple Run] on Micromax A56 - ROOT NEEDED

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  1. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    There are many people asking here and there that " HOW CAN I PLAY TEMPLE RUN ON THIS DEVICE ? :confused: ". So here's your answer.


    Yes Micromax A56 can play Temple Run but after some mods and tweaks(I play it everyday). So if u wanna play Temple Run and some other games too, come on board. Woooooo...:smokingsomb:

    Step 1.
    Increase the RAM first. Use this tutorial for increasing RAM.(use 512mb)

    Step 2. Download Chainfire3D on your phone from the PlayStore. Here's the link.

    Step 3.
    Now Open Chainfire3D and do this.
    1. Click on install CF3D driver and install it. Your phone will now restart.
    2. Download the plugins from the attachment below and keep them in the root of your sdcard.(.zip files)
    3. Now open Chainfire3D and click on "install plugins". Install the 3 plugins one by one which are POWERVR, NVIDIA and QUALCOMM.
    4. Now the plugins are installed Now it depends on you which plugin you find most satisfactory.(I use POWERVR). You can also select none.
    5. Now click on "Default OpenGL settings".
    6. Select only "Reduce texture size".
    7. Select your desired plugin and close Chainfire3D.

    Now download and install the lastest version of the game available (now 1.0.7) and open it. On the Temple Run screen where Play Button resides, u'll find a black Square on the backside of it, Don't worry it'll run fine. Its because we have reduced the texture size. You can also use "reduce texture quality" and others in Chainfire3D but then it lags a bit during gameplay. I found only selecting "reduce texture size" runs the game more smooth. (you can experiment with others.)

    Now at first start(whenever you'll start the game) the game can/will lag. Start the game and let the explorer die 3-4 times, after that it will run smooth.

    You can still experience a little of lags (it lags on many phones, because its a high end device supportive game.) depends on your RAM usage(thats why we increased the RAM).

    Now you can enjoy your TEMPLE RUN as much as you want.
    My Highscore is almost 24Lacs.( YEAHH...!!!)

    You can try this Trick on other Phones and Games too(with a little experimentation).


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  2. jhakash98

    jhakash98 New Member

    24Lacs.( YEAHH...!!!)

    Like it boss:smokingsomb:
  3. anshubham

    anshubham Active Member

    well done..!!! cheerss..
  4. mrinalrox

    mrinalrox New Member

    i have a 2gb sandisk sd card so shud i increase my ram or not?????? will it kill my sd card????
  5. Madanmalik27

    Madanmalik27 New Member

    the trick is working but after reducing textures the gallery app in A56 is not working properly ..
  6. sree39

    sree39 Member

  7. zahoorpanzoo

    zahoorpanzoo New Member

    dear sir i want new softwear update for my ninja 2 micromax A56 it show me everytime force to close massage can u help me for
  8. kashish7397

    kashish7397 New Member

    plz help me i installed wrong cwm on my phone ....my phone is functioning fine but wont boot up in recovery mode....help plz....!!

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