**Tutorial** Return to Boost stock

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  1. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Before starting backup any necessary data, then:

    1. Install Kies (has Samsung drivers)

    1a. If you have a custom Recovery tool, do a factory wipe

    2. Press and hold vol- and power until you reach the prompt, then hit vol+

    3. Run Odin

    4. Load MD5 into PDA slot

    5. Start

    This erases Root, yellow triangle, and AGAT/CWM: straight up stock.

    edit: Make sure the MD5 is unzipped (7-Zip).

    thx: guyphs, sextape(XDA), and Mark112887

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  2. jaybowls

    jaybowls New Member

    Now this will send it back to ICS? I have recently flashed my phone to Jelly bean But I miss some of the ICS features (call me crazy) but I prefered the ICS android
  3. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    Back to Boost stock, ICS just like you are turning on for the first time.
  4. ITJ

    ITJ Well-Known Member

    does this rom include samsung media hub? it seems to be missing for me.
  5. kolosus

    kolosus Well-Known Member

    Meaning? This will erase download mode? If I flash this and it erases download mode then something goes awry how can I use Odin again? Say it aint so!
  6. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    When flashing Boost S2 a yellow trinagle appears on the boot screen, most likely an indication that you voided your waranty. It is advisable to remove the yellow triangle before getting service, otherwise it is just unsightly.

    It also erases any custom recovery tool (CWM) and puts you back to stock. Stock S2 has a minimal recovery tool and you can use Odin to reinstall CWM or AGAT or whatever else.
  7. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

    Just want to check before...can I use this to go back to stock from the cm10 Rom? No worries of bricking due to android versions or kernels?
  8. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

    This will bring you back to stock regardless of what kernals/ROMs you have now.
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  9. cyborge1111

    cyborge1111 Member

    Im trying to flash back to stock boost because im switching carriers and selling my phone. Ive downloaded KIES, odin 3-1.87, and the mdk5 on my computer (windows 8). When I run odin, select pda, & click on downloads, its empty. I have the md5 in downloads but its not showing. Anone know why? SSGS2 Epic 4G Touch.
  10. jackbquick123

    jackbquick123 Well-Known Member

    Is it tar or zip file
  11. kingjay2012

    kingjay2012 Well-Known Member

    It should pop up under PDA, its a tar file.
  12. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    The file is a .7z compressed. Get yourself winzip and decompress it, and that will give you the md5 file to put into Odin
  13. cyborge1111

    cyborge1111 Member

  14. cyborge1111

    cyborge1111 Member

    that worked. I had to do a few updates to get to fl24, but it works. thank you once again. Also, Does Anyone know how to root sgs2 fl24 boost mobile without losing stock boost rom?
  15. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    Well if you go back to stock FG31 your phone will update itself back to current release FL24 (the phone does pull updated via WiFi too). If you are in a hurry, check out the one stop shop stickied at the top of the forum
  16. Shaun72

    Shaun72 Well-Known Member

    Will the have sprint or boost bloatware?????
  17. SelfElevated2

    SelfElevated2 Well-Known Member

  18. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor


    edit: Make sure the MD5 is unzipped (7-Zip).

    thx: sextape(XDA),
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  19. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I have had to tell a few people how to unzip it.
  20. kenzayy

    kenzayy New Member

    do i need to remove the SuperUS app before i do all this?
  21. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    No, this flashes an entire ROM and gets you back to stock FG31
  22. portmike

    portmike New Member

    I downloaded kies to my pc and Odin to my pc and I also have the unzipped md5 file on my pc but I need to be honest I really don't understand your tutorial. Could you please help make it a little easier to understand maybe a step by step. Im no expert with phones by any means and all I am trying to do is get this phone back to stock like the day it was opened and back to fl24 version. I would be highly appreciative for some help. Thank you in advance for your time.

    This is what Ive tried/gathered
    Kies will update to fl 24 once Im back to stock
    odin on pc will flash me back to stock

    Heres where im at when i push vol-/power then vol+ it brings me to a screen that says:

    ODIN MODE (in red text)

    then theres a picture of the little green droid guy and under him it says

    Do not turn off target!!

    I got to this screen and ran odin on my pc with the data cable attached went to the pda tab loaded the md5 file into that tab hit start and I got a failed message the first time second time i got a failed message again. What am I doing wrong??

    OK I repeated these steps to a Tee and it worked and my phone is now stock on FG31. The issue now is when I run kies it wants to update to GC01 and has no option to go to FL24. Is there anyway whatsoever I can get to FL24 instead of GC01? I would just prefer that because I was able to easily 1click root the FL24 version with no problems and didnt have to revert from the stock fl24 version at all.

    Ok phone did some auto updates up till fl24 im now back where I wanted to be. If you hook it up to kies it wants to update to gc01 but I would rather not do that so again I thank you for your time and post but I toyed with it enough to get it right where i needed it to be sorry for my wall of text.
  23. kevincott

    kevincott Well-Known Member Contributor

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  24. t.burninator

    t.burninator Well-Known Member

    If you want to get to FL24, first update your firmware from your android in your system settings from FG31 to FH29, then do the same thing to update from FH29 to FI22, then once again to update from FI22 to FL24.

    Personally I would skip updating to FL24, keep FI22 on, root that with 'ExynosAbuse', then throw 'FOTAKill.apk' into your /system/apps/ to disable the notifications to update to FL24. The reason I say this is because FL24 crashes my phone practically every other time I turn my screen off, and then I have to peel off the case and pull the battery out to make it work again. That's really irritating.
  25. Codegerm

    Codegerm Well-Known Member

    You can stop the phone from ever looking for an update by disabling the Google Services Framework for it. Just use either Autorun Manager or Autostarts (both available from the play store). In Autostarts go into the after startup section and it will be the third Google Services Framework listed (it will have update in its description when you select it).

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