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TutorialLenovo S880 - All you ever need to know

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  1. wongyikhoong

    wongyikhoong New Member

    Hi guys,

    This is Nic (despite my "wongyikhoong" username) from Malaysia. I have recently bought 2 units of Lenovo S880 from Beijing, China and I am instantly in love with this device. I see a lot of people facing problems with this phone. So I am here trying to help out as much as I can.

    Lenovo S880 is a cool 5 inch ICS running device with dual sim capabilities. Specs as below:

    Lenovo LePhone S880 specs:
    5.0″ LCD display @ 480

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  2. volhe

    volhe New Member

    thank you for your tutoriel.
    Now in china you bight the lenovo s880i with an MT6577 processeur.
    Do you have the ROW for it.
    Thank's for your help

  3. pardscale

    pardscale New Member

    hi all, i'm in china and i but s880i. language is chinese and english but user manual is only in chines.
    can you help me to find english user manual and help me to download all languages for this mobile
  4. nestcomputers

    nestcomputers New Member

    Hello thank for all help. I want to know if you ROM can be use in Lenovo S890 or not if could help me find ROM for me S890 i just recently got 2 phone from china and have same problem chiness & GPS.
  5. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    I removed your email address for your protection, thanks for understanding
  6. nestcomputers

    nestcomputers New Member

    hello please can any one tell me when can i find Lenovo S890 ROM ? can i use Lenovo S880 ROM on S890 ?
    how log in programing mode in Lenovo ?
  7. urifg

    urifg New Member

    hello for all and a happy new year

    work this rom also with s880i too? if not... can help me a people with a rom for 880i or is possible to root the mobile?
    Thank you

    sorry for my bad english
  8. dcreatorx

    dcreatorx New Member

    Is somebody going to help with this ? I'm also wanting to ROM my lenovo s880i .... is this process valid for this phone version ? Can somebody confirm ?
  9. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    The only issue with your device and a custom ROM is it just isn't that popular. You can try searching Google, but otherwise I doubt someone will post it on here just because of the low developer support for your device.
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  10. drsparsh

    drsparsh Active Member

    can any one provide me the link for ROW rom??
  11. adil0938

    adil0938 New Member


    I am trying to do the same but when i start Flash, and click on the download in Flash, in which mode i should attach my Phone. I have tried in both modes Like On and Off, but Flash still searching, no response. Is it that i dont have the USB driver for my Phone or any body can please help me out.
  12. ksvishal

    ksvishal New Member

    I own a S-880 mobile phone.All of a sudden the earphone speaker has become very feeble. I checked the settings and could not find anything wrong there. Can someone help me how to increase the volume of earphone speaker please...
    K S Vishal
  13. dragoncbhn

    dragoncbhn New Member

    Thank bro :)

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