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  1. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer


    As per post 301, this thread is no longer being maintained. Sadly, the links in the OP no longer work so this thread has no value for gaining S-OFF or rooting. But this still is a valid method of rooting MarvelC/CDMA/A510c devices such as Virgin Mobile and MetroPCS, and easier than unlocking the bootloader at htcdev.com.

    Fortunately, there is a mirror site at XDA with working links linked below:
    [Tutorial] How to root CDMA wildfire s and s-off and other great tutorials - xda-developers

  2. primetech

    primetech Well-Known Member

    If this works, you will have the best Wildfire S thread on the Internet. Although there are a few minor details you may want to fix.

    On my phone at least, clicking on a link contained within your post leads me to a page that looks more like a few words than a URL. I had to manually select the link text and payee it into another browser before I could download the prescribed apps.

    What does this mean?
    Which is it? Do I unzip it or not?
  3. imbekoz

    imbekoz New Member

    My AV is saying something in the file to root the phone (ShortFuse) is a trojan. Any thoughts?
  4. turbov86

    turbov86 New Member

    Hey simonsimons34,

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    I tried the instructions above and everything seems to be going well until step 16

    "16) The phone will automatically scan the SD card for the files we just put on the root of the SD card and will start the update process. "

    My phone is stuck on step with a message "Jumping to DIAG..."

    Any idea how i can get around it..?

  5. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Ah, this seems to happen often. I reccomend making your SD that came with the phone into the goldcard, then redownload the files, uncompress and place ONLY the two files on the SD card.
  6. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I'll sticky this in the root subforum, it's probably more appropriate there.

    Can I change the title too? Just to make it more obvious it's root stuff and only related to the Virgin Mobile model.

    Also, what are the differences between the VM model and the others?
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  7. amk2795

    amk2795 Well-Known Member

    VM likes to put their phones on major lock-down so I imagine getting around those is much more difficult than the average provider's.

    Also I think there's something physically different about the T-Mobile model (I see things that say "compatible with HTC Wildfire S - NOT COMPATIBLE WITH T-MOBILE")
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  8. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Thank you so much. Much creativeness was required to make this all work, using what i had, and in hindsight, I probably should of posted it there in the first place.
    EDIT: Can you also remove anything to the moderators I have in red when you move it, Im developing a rom, and am repo syncing now so extremely slow internet, sorry another edit. can you also merge these two threads, or deleate one? I made the other here and didnt realize it, as i was posting on multiple forums link is http://androidforums.com/wildfire-s...a-wildfire-s-s-off-other-great-tutorials.html.
    I welcome a title change. Make sure it mentions tutorials and Virgin mobile USA too, as I still plan on adding my other tips and tutorials there too, Ill just make another thread when I create my ROM

    What makes this different (that i know for sure)
    1) the PRL of VirginMobile USA is a sprint PRL, and using that on a carrier other than sprint or VMU will wreak havoc
    2) The Rom is very different, very locked down, but updates are scarce compared
    3) Our MMS routing is very different from even sprint. Doing someting with MMS that doesnt have VMU's settings will cause no mms receive or sent
    4) S-off seems to work with all CDMA phones, however GSM isnt working the same
    5) If i talk about crapware its specific
    6) Teathering and such are very carrier specific with VM
    May be more but these im sure of.
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  9. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    Thanks for the feedback. I have spent many hours of testing to compile this. I fixed thoes links now.
    And i also fixed the OP for that typo you talked about so you just got to look at it now for the correction
  10. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    The super one click is considered a trojan because it delevers a payload to the phone. In this case its a good payload for our uses, but in the wrong hands could be bbad
  11. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    To download those files, you need to be a member of the Android Central forums, is there any chance you can put them somewhere else? I've no real issue with them being there, I just don't think it's fair on AC having folk join up for the sole purpose of downloading those files? I've plenty of space in my dropbox account, if you want to use that? If I put them in the public folder, I can give you the links to add to your post.

    Some of the stuff you've mentioned I'm not actually allowed to do (deleting posts/removing post content etc) so I'll get one of the Mods to take a look at it.

    Regarding the comment you made about a seperate forum specific to Virgin Mobile/CDMA handsets, there's a Suggestions Box and Feedback forum you might want to post in. The admin (Phases) checks that forum on a regular basis and if you state your case, he might create another subforum for you, specific to the VM models (if you still deem it necessary). If not, just make sure any guides etc you post clearly state that it's for the VM variant of the handset. If you do get another section created, we can see about porting your guides over when needed.

    Nice work as well btw, I'm sure that a lot of people are going to be pretty happy about this, especially since a few folk seem to have picked it up on Black Friday.
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  12. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    I agree, it really isnt fair for people to have to sign up, i want this to be available for all. If you could use your dropbox, id very much appreciate it. just give me the links and ill be happy to post them (and empty the attachments to avoid confusion) In the future I will create my own dropbox to use.
    Thanks for having a Mod look at it
    and i am currently making a post in the private chat forum. Ill plea my case, and let everyone know about this.
    Finally, thanks. I really appreciate your help with this as im new to forums still. Hopefully I can help a great many people thanks to you, and finally id like to say I am adding you in the special thanks in my OP
  13. turbov86

    turbov86 New Member

    Hey simonsimons34,

    I was using the SD card that came with the phone.

    My phone is the GSM version of Wildfire S - A510e.

    I saw in some other forum that this method only works in the CDMA version..?

    is this true, should i risk it..?

  14. Ahmi

    Ahmi New Member

    I have a cdma Wildfire s, but it is through US Cellular. Im going to give this a shot anyways here in a bit, I wonder if it will work all the same as there doesn't seem to much difference between mine and a VM one. Any thoughts?
  15. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    It wont work, but be welcome to try. It will just reboot your phone with nothing done
  16. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    You should be fine. I havent got into the more specific things yet. Just remember DONT DO THE PRL HACK and you will be fine so far :) Thank you for your reply
  17. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

  18. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

  19. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    Is the zip file in diag.rar corrupt? I get errors when I try to see what's inside the PG76DIAG it contains.

    If yes, want to email me a copy and I'll upload again.
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  20. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    No its not, its protection to prevent unzipping by anything except our phones. Its something HTC created to prevent unothorized modifying, but we cracked it
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  21. El Presidente

    El Presidente Beware The Milky Pirate! Moderator

    I didn't know that, thanks! :)
  22. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    No problem :) the contents are just a slightly moded recovery.img and boot.img
  23. sisu

    sisu Well-Known Member

    I think I will root my phone.

    Backing up the SD card is not necessary, as long as I use a different card? I would just set my 8GB card aside and make my 2GB card the Gold card. I will probably uninstall any apps installed on the card, or move them back to the phone, just in case.

    s-off: is that a feature that can be set back to s-on once all is done? Isn't there a security risk leaving the phone at s-off?

    Thanks from a noob for the great tutorial :)
  24. simonsimons34

    simonsimons34 Rom & Kernel Developer Developer

    S-Off is required to root. Im sure you could turn it back on but you wouldnt want to lol... there is no security advantage to S-on
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  25. elol

    elol Well-Known Member

    hey to all,im new on this forum and want to get s-off my htc wildfire s,i do the toturial to get s-off but i stuck on step 16 with message "jump to DIAG"...........can someone help me to solve this problem?plzzzzzzzzz:-(

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