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Tv antenna for android based phones

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  1. lefrogdog

    lefrogdog Member

    The idea is to have an antenna to watch local channels on your smartphone.
    1. http://www.atelier.net/en/trends/articles/antennas-bring-tv-smartphones-without-affecting-internet-data-plans_419591
    The website gives the basic idea. Right now apple has the popularity. I have the galaxy S4 and was wandering if thier is an antenna for such thing. The closest ive gotton is here
    1. http://www.dexatek.com/2013-DEXATEK-PRODUCT-ANDROID%20TV%20DONGLE.html
    I have hit a road and am seeing if anyone else has clues. The router based tech I have no insterest in (plugs in the router and forwards the tv shows to other devices, but is not portable.)


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