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tv box Android 2.3

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  1. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    I bought this unit on eBay

    Android 2.3 WiFi Internet Full HD 1080P HDMI Google TV Box ARM Cortex A9 1Ghz

    worked fine one day
    when pressed for time in the settings "revert to factory settings"
    Now I have almost nothing
    Android Market

    What should I do?
    whether you need new firmware, or quality of these programs to upload
    can someone help me
    how to fix it

    please help:confused::confused::confused::confused:

  2. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    you could just try to find the apk for the market. if its android 2.3 it isnt google tv. first it was android 2.1 and new version is 3.1. the market must not be in the ROM and thats why a hard reset removed it, but since it was there the box might already be rooted. and the market apk might not install without pushing it, which i dont know how to do but a quick google search should help you

    you also might consider calling support for that box
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  3. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    I tried, I downloaded the Android Market.apk,
    installed, even started;
    and when I want to add a Gmail account
    Market the program exits

    please help
    maybe someone has the equipment and will help me

    I am waiting for information

    I greet
  4. in_msz

    in_msz Well-Known Member

    mention the box name its version if possible picture so that we can help you
  5. 84guy

    84guy Well-Known Member

    Maybe it doesn't even have the Google services framework installed. Sorry I couldn't be more help
  6. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    here is the tv box

    and that the data read program "Android Assistant"

    Model - MBX DVBT board (c03ref) ver 2.3.4
    OS info
    name LINUX
    ver. 2.6.34
    arch - armv7I
    Dexfile - true
    Encoding - UTF-8

    Hardware - AMLOGIC MESON-M1 8726M
    Processor - ARMv7 rev 1 (v7I)
    Freq - 900MHz
    Total mem - 4444384 kB
    Screen size - 1240x 690

    I hope to help
    Thank you in advance for your interest
    (sorry for my bad English)
  7. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

  8. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

  9. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    Thank you for the hint,
    but unfortunately, I can not copy the programs of the poles
    (vending.apk and googleservicesframework.apk to the directory system / app /)
    can I do something wrong:
    z4root first run and I click (first button from the top)
    root then run explorer and try to copy these files
    unfortunately it can not be :mad:

    what it might be

    I greet :):):)
  10. szemo77

    szemo77 Well-Known Member

    Please use Root Explorer and "r/w" option (on top of the screen, left). Folder must be writable. You can change too their opermissions like have others apps.
  11. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    After z4root, you should use RootChecker from Market to verify whether your box is actually rooted successfully. If so, then follow all the other steps.
  12. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    And how not?
  13. bthoven

    bthoven Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, z4root is for Android 2.2, not 2.3.

    For Android 2.3, try Gingerbreak. It's designed for rooting Android 2.3. However, it won't work for all 2.3 box/tablet.

    So use Rootchecker just to verify your root success.
  14. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    GingerBreak unfortunately does not help
    I can not set the root on the tv box.
    what's going on?
    and I'm just about AndroidMarket and Gmail
    and now also noticed that the device when power is not holding the date and time.
    Ebay seller wants me to send him to a device
    what do you think?
    from Polish to China and back it will be more than a month and get them in the new year 2012.
    I do not know what to do?
    Nobody really has no firmware for this device?

    I greet
  15. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    Well, how? no one can help?
    I do not know what to do?
    how to do it?
  16. Johnnyk7

    Johnnyk7 New Member

    Link to the update you want in my next post - have to introduce myself apparently.
  17. Johnnyk7

    Johnnyk7 New Member

    Got this link from the manufacturer this morning - had exactly the same issue you have.

    Unrar the file & put the 6 files on to a blank SD card. Insert the card in to your machine. Go to system update in the control panel. Click update from local source (may have the wording wrong there). It will then update automatically. Once it's done, you restart the box and you have the working Market back. Did it this morning and it works perfectly - takes around 10 minutes tops.

    Download 11-26 VS-ATV firmware .rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way

    Good luck and have fun with your fully functioning box.
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  18. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    THANK YOU! ! ! ! ! ! !:):):):):):):):):):)
    everything OK!
    market and gmail - act

  19. PCUSER

    PCUSER Member

    Guys, help me please. I have the same android tv box. It named Visson ATV-101 (homepage). I received it with android 2.2 preinstalled and without "system update" in the menu. Yesterday, Wi-Fi in the device was broken and i try to find new firmware to repair it. I installed "system update" program from Johnnyk7 firmware, it starting, but doesn't working. Because this android tv doesn't have recovery mode, i make flashing script to adb and flash recovery image. It was flashed, but doesn't work again. When i risky and flash boot.img... Now device starting, but freeze on the "Android your tv" logo.
  20. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

  21. PCUSER

    PCUSER Member

    I doesn't know how to make it, because device didn't load into android. I think, that i need to make a flashable sdcard and somehow flash device with it.

    P.S. Are you from Russia? :)
  22. zuluman

    zuluman New Member

    does anyone know how to root android tv box.
  23. PCUSER

    PCUSER Member

    zuluman, use z4root for android 2.2 or gingerbreak for android 2.3.
  24. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    I'm POLISH :D
  25. wlodeka

    wlodeka Well-Known Member

    does not work z4root :(
    does not work gingerbteak :confused:


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