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TV Remote using your Android Phone

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  1. Does anyone know of an app that would allow you to use your phone as a TV remote. I never lose the dam phone but that TV remote is constantly gone. I suspect the wife might have something to do with it and an app like that would be money in the bank for me. Nothing better then to one up the wife...lol

    World Of Hurts

  2. milrtime83

    milrtime83 Well-Known Member

    Not likely as the phone would need an IR emitter. If you happen to have Verizon Fios tv, they did release an app that works with their HD boxes.
  3. dmodert66

    dmodert66 Well-Known Member

    Who is your TV provider? I have Verizon Fios TV. They came out with a remote control app a week or 2 ago, and it kicks ass! What's funny is it is more responsive since it's done via WIFI rather than IR (like a normal remote). Not sure how cable works anymore, but all of VZW's STBs are connected to the router, which is what makes this all work. There are a few limitations though. You can only use up to 2 STBs (Regular or DVR) and it doesn't work on the SD boxes (only HD)...

    **EDIT** You beat me to it milrtime83 :p
  4. tdieckman

    tdieckman Well-Known Member

  5. njKeever

    njKeever Well-Known Member

    Yes, I had this on my Palms and loved it!

    What would be great is a device that you can control over wifi that then emits IR to the TV. you could leave it permanently mounted somewhere and control the TV without line-of-site IR from the phone.
  6. jeffdlb

    jeffdlb Well-Known Member

    Why not Bluetooth instead of WiFi?
  7. njKeever

    njKeever Well-Known Member

    I figured that most people are using wifi at home as opposed to bluetooth like when they are driving so it's one less thing to drain battery, plus wifi has a better range (although bluetooth has enough range for most practical purposes).
  8. flu13

    flu13 Well-Known Member

    That RedEye thing is pretty cool. Not sure I'd really use it if they had it for Android, but it's cool, nonetheless.
  9. newyorkgreg

    newyorkgreg Active Member

    Do I have to buy the adapter to use this? Or can I control my Fios TV with just an application?
  10. we are working on porting our iphone/itouch/ipad IR remote over to Android. see screenshot below. most of the basics are done and we should be releasing a base version in about a month. check http://www.totalcontrolapp.comfor details once it is released.

    testing on a moto droid right now with 2.1 and UI is as crisp as the iphone version. the graphics are the same so it is just a matter of the screen resolution.

    requires a hardware piece which has a full IR dbase containing over 348,000 unique function codes with compatibility for over 230,000 brands and models built in + a built in learner to learn any IR code directly via app. has macro support also along with emitter ports, blaster, relays, rs232, etc.
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  11. ProudPapaG

    ProudPapaG Active Member

    very, very :cool:

  12. droidx80

    droidx80 Member

    Get a Control4 home automation system and control your whole house with the upcoming android app due next month. http://www.controlui.com
  13. nvrfgt343

    nvrfgt343 Well-Known Member


    You can get a remote DVR app and a mobile remote control app through the Widgets on your FiOS STB. Detailed info if you log on to your 'My Verizon' account and go to FiOS TV Central.
  14. robl45

    robl45 Well-Known Member

    usb uirt has a device that connects to the computer and blasts IR out to devices. How is it that no one has made an app to use this? there is one for the iphone, there is even free software eventghost that can tie it all in. frankly, no disrespect to totalcontrol, but I don't know why someone needs a 400 dollar box to accomplish what can be done with a 60 dollar piece connected to a PC that likely will be right next to your electronics anyway.
  15. andrewunangst

    andrewunangst Member

    Question sorta along these lines. I have an app called 'Unified Remote Server' that gives me a lot of capabilities to control my computer enabled TV but I want to find an easy remote to use on Microsoft Media Center for the Xbox. Is there a away to use Unified Remote Server on my Xbox or is there another app I could try?
  16. Getting closer...added a new video showcasing the setup UI and functionality such as user profiles, support for multiple hardware units, categories/subcategories (i.e. home vs, vacation home, living room vs. bedroom, etc.), device listings, favorites section as well as how quick it is to add a device into the app based on the built in IR dbase.

    Youtube video here

    YouTube - Total Control Android Remote Setup

    finishing up the learning feature functionality and we will release at that point. shouldn't take long on that part.
  17. D12Eminem989

    D12Eminem989 Guest

  18. We are shooting for sometime this month. We had to finish out the UI which you now see in the new video as compared to the old. We also had an issue with sockets sometimes hanging which we had to resolve and for long press (i.e. hold a button down to keep it running like for volume controls instead of having to constantly click it) which is resolved. We are working on an issue with the learning feature still and once that is done we will release.
  19. robl45

    robl45 Well-Known Member

    not to be rude, but you just ignore questions and keep typing about how your app is coming, its not even like you started the thread. from reading your website, it seems you need one of two boxes making this like a 500 dollar solution. at that price point, you can buy software for your computer, and a usbuirt for like 200 bucks and use any device with remote desktop to control your home theatre. so why should we choose yours?
  20. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    The same way that anything else that hasn't been done hasn't been done so far... :D

    It takes an idea, manpower, time and demand to create solutions. Lacking any one of the 3 can prevent something from coming to fruition.

    You're comparing apples to oranges. Having to remote to a PC makes for a "bailing wire solution" IMO. Not to mention, not everyone has a PC in their living room or whatever room the entertainment center might be in. There are certainly cheaper DIY solutions in many cases. Some people would probably be fine with remoting to a PC equipped with a USB UIRT. Personally, I'd rather have a good remote (being able to feel and differentiate buttons by touch is a huge plus for me) and use the Universal MX-980. YMMV, of course.
  21. thanks takeshi.

    Robl4, i didn't realize i wasn't answering the original poster's question. i thought i was. he asked for a remote and i am providing a solution. no one is preventing you from doing the solution you are providing. this is the solution we are providing. some people may not want to jump through the different layers you are suggesting and agree it is worth the extra money for an all in one solution. there is always a cheaper method. i am sure there are cheaper ones than what you are suggesting also. if you would prefer that method then that is what works for you. sounds like a good solution. ours is as we are posting. it takes a lot of time and resources to do this and we are taking a big risk as it is because Android does not typically provide the same ROI as some other platforms but we believe in this platform as having great potential so we decided to push this one.

    Homeseer has the unit for $300 as far as hardware pricing is concerned. we choose this unit for many reasons. here is a basic list.

    1.no computer required. communication is directly between app and the appliance.
    2. has built in IR dbase chip with 300,000+ IR codes. i don't believe your solution has any. you have to build your own. i can tap into probably 80% of the IR devices on the market for the last 25 years with this one chip and not have to learn any IR. most users don't want to have to go through this manual process. the chip itself has to be licensed from the largest IR dbase company in the world so it does add to the cost. i haven't heard a single customer complain about this extra cost. they setup their devices in less than 10 minutes because of this chip with our app. you just select the device type (say tv, select manufacturer from list say samsung, and then try codesets and hit the power button. once the unit turns on/off you know you have the right codeset, just hit save and it maps out all of the IR and buttons for you. very simple, easy to use, and complete).
    3. for any IR not on the chip there is a learner built into the box
    4. has a built in blaster
    5. has 4 emitter ports. excellent for if you want to hide you IR products, they are hard to reach, are in different rooms, etc.
    6. has 2 relay controls. typical use cases may be garage door controller, hvac on/off controller, control gates, doors, etc.
    7. has rs232 on it. many devices are controllable via rs232. it is a common interface.
    8. has gpio ports on it. basically you can tell the unit to listen on an input for say audio and do some action based on that. so for example you could say listen for audio from dvd/bluray player. when you hear audio turn on the tv, switch it to input hdmi2, etc. the gpio ports can also be used for analog measurements such as thermisters and other sensors for temperature, humidity, barometer, etc.

    there are other points on their website if you want to read through it.
  22. GizmoDroid

    GizmoDroid New Member

    If we had a few programmers, this thing would become a reality real quick. Here is a collection of some current info about the subject:

    Adding IR Output - Wiki
  23. ram_samudrala

    ram_samudrala New Member

    I'm a bit tired and confused about the language, but what we'd really want isn't something that's based on IR, but some other technology that is direction independent and then in the end there's a device that physically or otherwise connects to the remote machines. For example, it could be a local device with an IP that the connects to the android or it could be a bluetooth device.

    When I bought my universal remote, they gave me these little objects I could stick in front of the IR portand then physically connect a thin wire to the device that would remotely access the IR signal (this was to solve line of light issues). I never used it but it was really small and I wouldn't mind hooking up a system like that to have my phone be a UR.

    The beauty of this is that you'll have access to your entire home theatre or whatever's controlled by the device from all your computers and actually anywhere in the world. It would move everything one step forward to computerising your home.

    (Sorry, I just read the "Adding IR Output" link and I see many solutions like what I say above but I'm still puzzled that this doesn't exist. I think hardware that is attached to the phone is nonstarter, i.e., dongles are annoying. What will you do, put a dongle in and out every time you want to use the TV?

    Okay, I am reading more, and they call these things base stations. So what we need is a base station that instead of RF works on bluetooth or WiFi---has anyone done this yet? It appears so:



  24. anyone who already has the supported hardware please contact us directly now. if you don't have the supported hardware we will be releasing the full app shortly.

    supported hardware:
    (BC4/BCX-1 from Bitwise Controls - www.bitwisecontrols.com ), HAI Home Theater Extender (HTX) from HAI HTX Link, or Homeseer BC4-HS from BC-HS Link.

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