TV Shows on Android? A Major Problem

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  1. Ttimberwlf

    Ttimberwlf New Member

    Ok so I have been roaming the internet for a week on this topic and could not find anything so I finally decided to come here.

    The problem is that Android phones have NO WAY TO ACCESS TELEVISION CONTENT. At least no way I know. This is not trolling or anything. This is a matter I need help with.

    I enjoy watching television shows and do not have cable. So I usually watch HBO Go or something.(an app I believe they took off from the andoid market too. Or might be because i have ice cream sandwhich) Recently I got a new HTC phone and realized that I could not watch Itunes videos on my android phone. ( I understand how DRM works)

    And before you say something no, I do not count Hulu Plus or Netflix because they do not have FULL seasons of television shows. So someone please help me. Most of the other media distribution companiess are not on the android. Example: CinemaNow or Amazon Instant Video or Zune. Please if you know any apps where I can purchase full seasons of tv shows on the android please post it.

    And I'd like to do this legally and legally purchase tv shows on my phone but I have looked up ways to get rid of DRM on itunes videos. If anyone knows any other DRM online videos stores please let me know. I should also point it out that Google Play does not have tv shows :( The only way I know is called HTC Watch? It's available for Htc phones (which I have) and lets you directly buy or rent tv shows and movies on your phone. Sadly it does not have season passes and I don't think you can watch them on your computer. Just your phone.

    So to sum it up. The android has no good way of accessing tv shows like iTunes. Google Play does not have any Tv Shows and Hulu Plus and Netfflix don't have an extensive enough library with complete seasons. I need help. Also there is no way to get Itunes Videos onto Android devices and same goes for Amazon Video. Please if you can post a way to watch full episodes of television shows. A legit way to purchase and/or rent and/or stream them. OR any other apps on android that let you do the above things. Or any way to get Itunes videos on an android device.
    I'm not trying to ask for much.

    Basically just looking for a way to watch Tv Shows on my android like Iphone users can watch tv shows using Itunes.

  2. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Well-Known Member

    I'm not sure of exactly what you're after, but I think there is an app called Crackle that does what you are asking. It doesn't have everything, but there were quite a few shows when I had it. I believe it's called Crackle, something like that.

    It had a few Seinfeld episodes on it.
  3. justtom

    justtom Well-Known Member

    Yes crackle and are the two apps I use and can be found in the market.both work very well enjoy.
  4. Ttimberwlf

    Ttimberwlf New Member

    Crackle I've tried And I have yet to tried Tv.Com.

    For clarification I was looking for basically an iTunes equivalent for Android. On iTunes you cant rent or purchase movies/tv shows in as little as a day after they air on Tv. However Google Play does not have television shows.

    A better question COULD be is there any way to get iTunes movies on my android device.
    AirTwist doesn't work with syncing videos.
    And when I google it, most results are from 2010 where everyone was complaining how Itunes Music isn't drm free. The music is now free to be moved to Android devices but the videos aren't.
  5. dmunz

    dmunz Well-Known Member

    +1 for wanting this.

    I purchase a couple of season passes on iTunes and download the shows shortly after they hit the air so I can watch them on my iPad. I would love to be able to do this on my Rezound.

    I have used the rental feature in Google Play and that worked well for a movie. Maybe they can strike a deal for TV downloads. (I need to download becuase I use this mostly while flying.)

  6. techboy2350

    techboy2350 New Member

    crackle as well as The cw network are amazing apps to watch tv shows for free but these apps aren't available globally. As i belong to India and i could find it on play store.
  7. Nixster

    Nixster New Member

    I bought a TV tuner from Maplins so I can get free terrestrial TV on my Phone. Only tiny and has a micro USB. Now looking for one with p1000 connector for galaxy Tablet if anyone knows of one.
  8. psionandy

    psionandy Well-Known Member VIP Member

    sounds interesting... you wouldn't happen to have a link would you?
  9. Nixster

    Nixster New Member

    www. pctvsystems. com
    Hope it helps. Think you get them on Amazon too. Around
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  10. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    TV shows on Android? No problem.
    In fact from what I've seen there's probably more people watching TV shows and movies on phones and tablets than TVs these days. Usually in most restaurants, on buses, trains and planes, hospital waiting rooms, etc. Myself, I usually use PPTV, and they have a very good app for Android.

    It's iTunes where I find a problem, no TV shows at all actually, nor movies, nor tunes. Plenty of iOS apps and games though.

    We can't discuss the removal and circumvention of DRM copy protection here, forum rules. But that is something that the content producers may insist upon in some countries, basically to restrict and protect their copyrights.

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