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TVersity and Galaxy Tab.

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  1. yocycled

    yocycled New Member

    Alright guys, so my TVersity server works for my other devices such as my Patriot media box and iOS devices. However, when I access it with my Galaxy Tab, it just pretends to load a black screen forever. Googling gave me lots of unclear answers so I have come here instead. Has anyone found any sort of solution or temporary work-around?

    Additionally, Yahoo games. Is it possible to make it work on the Tab?

  2. hsdkilla

    hsdkilla New Member

    the black screen is OK. what's happening is the movie is downloading and will start playing once downloaded to your device. took me a while to figure this out but you'll see the download icon in the bottom right of your device. the problem is that this is not how all my other devices work, xbox, ps3, ipad etc, they stream the video and not download it. looking for a way to fix this.

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