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Twice now Verizon reps turn me away from the Galaxy Nexus!General

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  1. Johnny Doomzday

    Johnny Doomzday Well-Known Member

    I walked into Verizon again today to see if I could exchange my iPhone 4S for the galaxy nexus. I am within my 14 days and told the rep that I just didn't care for the small screen on this iPhone and like android better because of all the widgets, custom options and open sourcing. He cringed and looked like he ate a sour lemon web I told him I was interested in the Nexus. He said I already had the best phone and we wouldn't even feel right selling me the Nexus because of all it "issues" with data. He said if I did decide I wanted to exchange I should consider the maxx because it was much better. I told him is do my research an return. This was the second time a store rep told me to stay away from the nexus .... I'm at a standstill now because I don't want that box looking rzr. Any insight guys??

  2. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    Get the phone YOU want (regardless of its OS, size or shape). You'll be the one living with it for the next 2 years.

  3. Namrak

    Namrak Well-Known Member

    Just be firm and tell him to return the 4s and that ull use ur upgrade on the gnex. They can't stop you from buying a gnex. They're usually told to push Droids anyways, that's why they're giving u a hard time
  4. hurricane630

    hurricane630 Well-Known Member

    I have noticed that the majority of the time I know more about the android devices they have than the reps there. When I bought my gnex,they were setting my phone up, and one of the reps had the phone and was showing me the camera. I asked "it has a 5 mp camera right?"(I already knew it did) he tells me "NO no no, this is top of the line. It has an 8 mp camera!" I just laughed and smirked and said ok cause he was a nice guy. So go with what you want and do your own research. Don't put to much faith in the reps when it comes to knowledge on the phones.
  5. crazy3gz

    crazy3gz Active Member

    Most reps know less than everyone on this forum.

    That said, vzw clearly made a deal with moto on the RAZR. They were a top tier phone at 299 now they're bogo at 199. They're just giving them away. They must have bought a billion for cheap. Reps just push the phones they're told to...
  6. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

    Yeah, you just have to be assertive and know what you want and demand it. That said, I went into a Verizon store, said I wanted a Galaxy Nexus, and the guy helping me told me it was the best phone model they had.

    Of course, another guy talking to some other customer "corrected" her when she said she heard the radio was better in the HTC Rezound than in the Galaxy Nexus. He was like "Radio? You mean audio?" No, she meant radio (palm-forehead).
  7. AntimonyER

    AntimonyER AF Addict VIP Member

    Yeah, if you came to a decision based on your own preferences, along with reading the various threads here regarding each phone you are considering, I would not let a Verizon rep sway you. It's just too hit and miss with them, some know their stuff, some are working for the paycheck and nothing else.
  8. syntrix

    syntrix Well-Known Member

    I'd ask for a supervisor asap.

    I'm seeing a trend over the years.... today the in-store employees seem to have no idea of what customer service is, and only care if they can complain about doing their job.

    Is this a VZW Corp store?
  9. Johnny Doomzday

    Johnny Doomzday Well-Known Member

    Yes it was a corp store.
  10. red66charger

    red66charger Well-Known Member

    This is so true. But, looking at it from the other perspective, I would also suggest careful consideration of feedback from anyone.

    You won't always get an unbiased opinion in tech forums, especially for a device like GNex, which is a Tech Geek's darling. Many are more willing to accept its shortcomings due to the openness and benefits of the pure Google Experience.

    For me, the book is still out whether the VZW GNex is actually going to be a "real" Google Experience. The lack of an OTA update to address a real issue with reception/network connection almost two months after launch is a concern, at least to me. I can't speak for the GSM devices (I don't believe they've been updated either).

    I don't hate the GNex...ICS is awesome...but I'm not comfortable in voiding my warranty so I have to wait for an OTA. I just thought it would have been here by now.

    Sorry...my point is, the VZW rep that warned you about issues may actually have been giving you good information. For many here, that isn't a deal breaker. So weigh the pros and cons carefully. Good luck!
  11. Germwise

    Germwise Well-Known Member

    The nexus DOES have signal issues. I think the rep was just trying to be open about it. Even with the issues I do feel the nexus is the best phone right now. Be firm, but no need to be upset with the rep.

    Who knows, you might be in a week 4g area where you would have tons of battery and signal issues with the nexus.
  12. Johnny Doomzday

    Johnny Doomzday Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the insight guys. And I think your right, something tells me he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed
  13. Johnny Doomzday

    Johnny Doomzday Well-Known Member

    I'm in Orlando fla, my Thunderbolt never went below 4g LTE and my girlfriends resound also keeps a die hard 4G signal. Now if I turned off the 4g could I still keep the 3G on? Let's remember with my iPhone all I get now anyway us 3G
  14. escman

    escman Active Member

    The new radios pretty much fixed all signal issues for me. 4.0.4 is a solid update and should have been on the phone when it shipped. Unfortunately you don't get all the bugs during testing and this is why we have updates. An update is coming soon people, this is a Google experience device, or else you wouldn't be able to unlock and root it in two command lines in fast boot.
    I'm in San Diego, and my signal outdoors is always full bars and indoors is three bars.
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  15. Yellow Snowman

    Yellow Snowman Well-Known Member

    People still buy and Verizon still sells iPhone 4s that is the exact same as a phone a few years old only addition is Siri and you take their advice?

    People are sheep....not the OP, just people in general. It's like going in to a store and buying a droid x at full price. It makes no sense.
  16. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

    One thing I always thought was very curious was how Verizon is pushing the RAZR so hard since the beginning, and there was no fanfare whatsoever for the Galaxy Nexus. All sorts of tables set up with props, flags out in front of the store... all for the RAZR and nothing for the Nexus. There absolutely has to be an economic reason why! Only possibility is that they make more profit off the RAZR somehow... or some other kickback for selling more RAZR's...

    Don't get me wrong, the RAZR is probably a great phone (I've only tested it in stores). But I would never trade me GNex for it...
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  17. hurricane630

    hurricane630 Well-Known Member

    I've noticed this as well. Never see anything for gnex or even Max just the razr.

    And last week I was in vzw and I watched a vzw rep tell a lady the Droid 3 is the best phone with a keyboard for the foreseeable future (they released the drop date for the Droid 4 2days before this...) and he sold it to her for 199. I was shocked ans it showed he was only in it for the paycheck.
  18. Boondockkev

    Boondockkev Well-Known Member

    I live in east orlando-- Avalon park area and I have a very strong 4G signal.
    I work by Millenia mall and have 3G in the office. I average around 10-14 hours of battery life with moderate usage.

    I love the phone.

    Which vzw store did you go to?
  19. red66charger

    red66charger Well-Known Member

    We had hints that this would be the case well before GNex was released. There were a couple of credible sources in the epic pre-release thread who pretty much said this is how Verizon would handle marketing GNex. A "soft release" was the term used, if I recall correctly. VZW wanted to carry the GNex, but it was never going to be the flagship device. I'm kinda surprised they advertise it as much as they have, actually.

    One of the biggest cons of the GNex for me pre-release was the possible lack of cool accessories since RAZR was clearly going to be king. Still waiting for a proper car dock...as well as an official OTA update.
  20. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    The telling part of all of this is the fact that he said you already have the "best" phone with the iPhone 4S. He didn't mention anything about the phone fitting your needs though. Personally, I don't listen to sales reps all that often. I do my research and figure out what will be best for me. If you want the Nexus then get the Nexus, just make sure you have done your research and are aware of any possible problems you might run into.
  21. Mooem

    Mooem Well-Known Member

    Also living in East Orlando (more west of Waterford Lakes), I have similar experience with signal in most areas I visit especially after the 4.0.4 update. I even get 4G signal all the way towards 520 when driving out to the coast on the 528/Beachline.

    However, I have seen 4G to 3G drops in some areas that I drive through on Colonial and indoor several stores. But that had occurred with my Thunderbolt and Bionic either way, so I don't attribute to it being a GNex problem in particular (although it could be).
  22. aysiu

    aysiu Well-Known Member

    If reps aren't consistently telling people one phone, it probably has more to do with the personal preferences of the rep in question. There is no party line if one rep is saying the Razr's the best, one's saying the Droid 3 is the best, one's saying Galaxy Nexus, and another's saying iPhone 4S.
  23. jfe

    jfe Well-Known Member

    The Rep was probably a fanboi. Get the Nexus, I have it, and it's awesome.

    And buy yourself a couple of extra batteries, because I do get good life with the extended battery when on Wifi (13 hours with moderate use), but only 8 on 4G
  24. Johnny Doomzday

    Johnny Doomzday Well-Known Member

    I went to the corp store in Sandlake and obt with is right next to the Fla Mall
  25. iowabowtech

    iowabowtech root@android:/ #

    Yeah who would want LTE over yesterday's technology? Sometimes I lie awake at night and cry a little that I used to spend $30/month on slowness. If someone wanted to make the argument that a different LTE phone was better, that'd be one thing. But that rep's statement is downright ignorant to the point that their opinion is immediately and automatically invalid.

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