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Twitter on my Mini Pro?General

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  1. cnnmngrl

    cnnmngrl Member


    I've just bought an Xperia X10 Mini Pro and I was wondering if there was any way at all of getting a Twitter app that works on it? My understanding is that it is not possible as the phone runs on Android 1.6, is that right?

    I have rooted my phone (had to delete an app that defaulted my keyboard to Chinese!) if that helps any. Thank you! :eek:

  2. pa3xxiah

    pa3xxiah Member

    If you bought it recently it could probably be running on 2.1 already. Go to Setting>About Phone>Firmware Version

    If it's on 2.1 already, you can just download the twitter app for the Android Market, if it's 1.6 connect it to a PC, install PC companion, and update your firmware.:)
  3. cnnmngrl

    cnnmngrl Member

    Thanks! It is running on 1.6, but when I connect to PC Companion it starts 'preparing computer for software update' but then comes up with the message 'the sony ericsson server is currently overloaded'. WHYYYYYY? :(
  4. cnnmngrl

    cnnmngrl Member

    Finally managed to update using the Sony Update programme but Twitter still has no app for me!
  5. pa3xxiah

    pa3xxiah Member

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