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  1. drew301

    drew301 New Member

    Hey just yesterday the update on the Twitter app on my 'Droid 4 disabled the Android sync, so I can't get any notifications from that app :(. So then I downloaded Plume, and I still can't get any notifications, same with Tweetcaster, and Ubersocial. I would like to be able to get a notification when I get a follow, mention, retweet, etc. When the regular Twitter app worked fine, I could be sittin' back chillin' when hear the birds chirp and see on the status bar I got a notification. How do you set it up on Plume, Ubersocial, Tweetcaster to make it do that! I did the settings and all and still doesn't work :(

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    Welcome to AF, drew301!
    We are glad you have joined us here.
    I have moved this thread into the Droid 4 forum so that you can get the help you need.:)
  3. silverfang77

    silverfang77 Well-Known Member

    I use TweetCaster Pro. Touch Menu>More>Settings>Notifications> and check all the options you want.

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