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  1. jazzycat

    jazzycat Member


    i'm new here. Bought a tmobile pulse phone and have been having a really difficult time logging in to twitter. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Changing passwords. When i try to log on it simply comes up saying -
    "an error occurred when signing in. Please try again later."
    I tried asking in the tmobile shop, but got nowhere. Have tried emailing twitter, but have also got nowhere! Please can someone help me?!

    thank you,

  2. dee_gee

    dee_gee Member

    Try downloading the Tweet Caster app from the market. It's pretty good!
  3. jazzycat

    jazzycat Member

    Many thanks! Will try it. !
  4. jazzycat

    jazzycat Member

    have loaded tweet caster and typed in my twitter details. it keeps coming up "login failed". Not sure what else to try now!

  5. seawhale

    seawhale Member

    I have the same problem with tweetcaster, it keeps giving me login failed even before I enter my user name and password

    Any idea?
  6. O-LAmdroid

    O-LAmdroid Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem... Just says "Login Failed"... Anyone have a solution?

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