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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by universalexports1962, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. When I bought my mobile last summer I set up a Facebook account to work in my phone. I can either access my messages using Timescape or I can launch the Facebook application.

    I did the same for Twitter although I did not have an account previously and set one up using my PC. I searched for a Twitter application using Market, but have never been able to access it when I use my username or email address. However, I am able to log into the site on my PC.

    I get a message which reads

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    Hopefully this thread will help -

    Make sure Twitter account is activated, download another app rather than what this guy did -

    Or the date or time are wrong on the phone....check out the thread...hopefully one of the options works for you.
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    If you are using an app from the market have a look in settings and check whether you have an option for ssl security. Mine was playing up never updating and saying account not authorized when it was all working fine on the pc so I knew details were right. Timescape and Twitter wouldn't work terribly reliably under 1.6 and I have not bothered settings it up on 2.1 again as it kept being unable to update.
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  4. Seems that after the 2.1 upgrade I was not able to access Twitter because I did not let T-Mobile know that I was over 18. Once I brought my passport to a T-Mobile shop they lifted the bar and within an hour I was able to access Twitter.

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