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  1. mickywelsh172

    mickywelsh172 Member

    Been sent here from the Twitter support guys. Since having the phone I've never received ringtone notifications, it only vibrates.

    So I still get notifications, it just doesn't make a noise..

    Ive also noticed though, there's no tick box on the notifications screen...

    This has been like this on every release of Twitter updates, I've tries reinstalling etc to no avail.

    Any help please..

  2. mickywelsh172

    mickywelsh172 Member

  3. brit9

    brit9 Member

    Have you looked at the VOLUMES? Is the Ringtone Notifications volume full on?
  4. mickywelsh172

    mickywelsh172 Member

    There is no volumes section in the Twitter settings mate? It makes the noise when I'm choosing which ringtone, just doesn't go off when I get one?
  5. MobiKeith

    MobiKeith Member

    Have S3 n haven't received Twitter notifications for past 10 days.

    Am working with Twitter support on this issue but no success yet.

    Any ideas?

    Had no prior issues with Twitter notifications on S3 or old DroidX.

    Desperately seeking assistance. Cant go through another Fantasy fball weekend without notifications!

    Any help would b appreciated. Tx.

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