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  1. jiteshrathod

    jiteshrathod New Member

    Have this great phone, performing very good yet.

    I have noticed a specific problem today and want some insight. My SD card space was depleting day by day even if i did not download anything. I came accross a folder [/mnt/sdcard/android/data/] where daily 2 /3 files named launcher_*********.db of ever increasing sizes (currently each file size >3MB [total 200 files]) are created without my knowledge. This is eating up my space and forcing me to delete other files.

    Can I delete these cache files? Will there be any problme? and why basically these are generated.

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  2. puneet.gaur

    puneet.gaur New Member

    Hi Jitesh,
    I am facing the same problem, 90% of the 2gb card space has been consumed by this folder. Have you found answer to this problem?
  3. jiteshrathod

    jiteshrathod New Member

    @ Puneet
    After waiting so long for a response from somebody in this forum, I finally dared and deleted all these cache files after taking a back up. Surprisingly, there was no problem at all. Phone is working just fine, but still new cache files are created. So, now I am just deleting these files manually on daily basis. Hope somebody will help us, for a permanent solution. If you find any solution from any source, let me know .
  4. droidappoid

    droidappoid New Member

    I used to face the same problem and up to now have deleted the cache files up to 3-4 times without any problem. It is a tedious task to periodically delete them. Thankfully have found a better solution with the SD Maid Pro app. This app helps to delete the very same cache files. Works like a charm!

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