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Two days with this phone, lord it sucks

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  1. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    I was so excited to get it. When I opened the package, it was even better than the pictures showed. I loved it.

    After 48 hours, I'm in the same boat as many other owners. God this is frustrating.

    The screen turning off, and needing to be unlocked every time I try to hit a button in voicemail.
    The screen unlocking accidentally when I'm on a call, and needing to be locked.
    Google Voice not working 50% of the time.
    Did I mention this stupid lock button?
    The overlapping crap that Samsung added.
    The keyboard is totally useless.

    I know I can change much of this with rooting and a rom. I'll probably end up doing that as it looks like Tmo didn't get me the update. I'm hoping this thing will work, or it's back to Ebay for it, and I'll get a...??? MyTouch 3g?

    The cube works well. It's useless...but it works well.

  2. grennis

    grennis Well-Known Member

    You are still within the 2 week buyer's remorse period. Just return it.
  3. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    +1 on this, but if it was me I'd try out either the Behold 2 or Galaxy rom first. They should fix most of your problems. It's possible you might like this more than a MyTouch 3g, or whatever else you'd go with. And if you just flash back to stock they won't know anything if you did.

    And the MT3G is a decent phone, and it will be getting froyo (so says TMO). Assuming you don't want to shell out for a slide, it's probably what I would go with if I was you.

    EDIT: hmmm...I misread the "back to ebay". So in that case DEFINITELY try out a rom. Or just wait till you either get the OTA, or somebody makes an ODIN out of it.
  4. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    He said "or it's back to ebay for it"
  5. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    My Cliq is on ebay. A month old with 8GB SD card for $180. I like it. It runs smooth and with device tune-up gets great battery life. It will get 2.1 soon.
  6. eugenile

    eugenile Well-Known Member

    I had a mytouch and a mytouch slide. The only reason I kept the behold2, is because data plan is only $5.99 or $10 for unlimited 3g.
  7. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    Cliq may be the route I choose. MyTouch is too plasticy for me. No offense to anyone who has it. I'm sure yours is cool.

    I'm also not doing anything to this while waiting for the update, so that's holding me back, I know. I was going to root whatever I got, for WiFi tether and only learned after I bought this that WiFi tether is a no go for this, regardless of root. grrr...

    For now, just help me with a few things:

    1) Is there a setting for the screen to stay on during voicemail, or other calls where I have to enter numbers on the keypad?
    2) Is there ANY way to circumvent the lock button? I thought the on screen code would do it, but that just added an extra step.
    3) Can anyone tell me if Samsung had anyone test this phone in any way for functionality? Lordy, someone had to be annoyed by something.

    ...or maybe they all just played with the cube all day?
  8. euph_22

    euph_22 Well-Known Member

    I've heard generally good things about the Cliq, and it's getting 2.1. However, it probably won't be seeing 2.2, which will GREATLY improve the performance (like make android run 2-3x faster). And the MyTouch 3g will be getting froyo (so says TMO). Again, it's what I'd go with, but feel free to have a wrong, errr....different, opinion. :) Just kidding, they're both good phones, both with pros and cons.

    2) Try no lock, or if you just want a screen lock try lockbot. I don't have a BH2 anymore, so I'm not sure if they'll do what you want on the BH2, but it's worth a try.
  9. rleal2010

    rleal2010 Well-Known Member

    Call t mobile and tell them to install visual voicemail, its free. Then look for the visual voicemail and use it. Its waaaaaay better.
  10. mwl1119

    mwl1119 Well-Known Member

    Cliq is a nice phone that gets no respect at all.

    It feels 20x more solid than the Mytouch Slide but after a few days of the Slide i went back to the Cliq, had the Slide packed up ready to ship it back but the Cliq now seemed unbearably SLOOOOW. The Slide is a zippy lil ****er I tell ya.

    I am still waiting to see 2.1 on the Cliq.

    I hope it comes in the next week so I still have the option to send the Slide back even though it was free it used my upgrade.
  11. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    Not possible on Tmobiles prepaid service, which is what I have. I don't know why, it's not my rule. When I go to set it up it says for those of us who choose to pay their bill in advance vs. the end of the month, we can't do it.

    I know, dumb, like this phone.
  12. Streetman

    Streetman Well-Known Member

    I'll give it a shot. it's annoying that i need a work around for everything on this phone. Oh well, might as well give it the ole college try.

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