two eris issues, one with chomp the other with contactsGeneral

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    alright i'll just say thanks in advance if you can help me out with these two issues.

    first, i have synced (not sure of the past tense of sync) my facebook with my eris in order to get the extra info and pics in my contacts. but when i go to link a contact to a friend on the friends list it only has A-D of my friends. ive tried removing the app and re installing it. ive also tried re syncing. so if you can help me out that'd be awesome.

    second, i prefer to use chomp but lately ive had to go back to the standard text app. this is because ive found that chomp will not continue to send a message when i hit the end button to sleep the phone. it will finish sending once i wake it up with end again. and the most annoying issue i have is that it often wont notify me of a recieved text until i hit end to wake the phone.

    If you could help solve either of these issues i would be so thankful.



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