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  1. VegaLA

    VegaLA Active Member

    Hi all,
    I suspect that this is somethign to do with the settings or a known bug but I have two similar problems with my Droid X which i've had for over 3 weeks now.
    1: I have noticed that after a couple of days any photos/images I have, be it downloads from a website or photos i've taken with the phone itself disapear from the gallery, but if I hunt for them in the file folder structure they are still on the phone! Similary with...
    2: Music, despite me manually dragging some albums over from my laptop, be it in its own folder for the album title or stuffed into one folder called Albums, the music app or Cubed cannot see them, and when I open Cubed it says there are no playlists and dies a death, doesn't give me the opportunity to search for songs on the phone and create one!
    Are these issues that have been documented elsewhere?
    Anyone experience anything similar? Should I be placing my music in one specific folder?
    the photos should not be disapearing since the phone dictates where they are kept so this one is irritating me!
    Anyone have any advice/Solutions?

  2. VegaLA

    VegaLA Active Member


    No-one know of these problems or know anyone thats experienced anything similar?
    This may be fixed with settings but can't seen anything obvious staring me in the face.

  3. tannere

    tannere Well-Known Member

    did you change the names from the file folder app? If so, make sure you ended it with .jpg for pics or .3gp for vids. So if you change a photos name to "Dog", make sure in the file app where you CAN see it, its actually titled "Dog.jpg"
  4. TheXFactor

    TheXFactor Well-Known Member

    I also have this weird issue. I downloaded some docks for LauncherPro. They are located under downloads on the card. Using a file manager I moved them to a new folder I made. When I try to view them in the gallery, they aren't there, as in they aren't in the folder I moved them to. WTF??
  5. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    When I move files to my phone, I have to reboot to find them.
  6. Jayme

    Jayme Well-Known Member

    I have this same issue. I download music to my phone and the music apps cant find them same with pictures.
  7. Leftyguy

    Leftyguy Well-Known Member

    It seems that any file I move from the computer to the sd phone card, I have to shut down & restart to view them on my X...
  8. tannere

    tannere Well-Known Member

    Ya, anytime I switch the name of a file or move them from one folder to another, using something like simple filer or whatever, i need to do a soft reset in order to view them again
  9. VegaLA

    VegaLA Active Member

    Thansk for all your replies.
    I just want to clarify I am not re-naming or moving any of the media files. The camera on the Droid X dictates where they are being stored as it does with images I DL from the Net. The Net images download stay in the Download folder and the Gallery app can view them fine, but after a few days they disapear from the Gallery app but the files are still in that same folder, they just disapear from the Gallery app itself.
    As for the music well, I moved them from my laptop to the SD card and cubed/Music player found them but after a few days these apps cannot locate the files despite them remaining in the same folder with the same name.

    I contacted Moto from their site on Friday and get a stock reply but nothing of any help as of yet.

    This is a werd bug, its as if any Media app just disconnects itself from the Media and their folders/location after a few days!


    OK, I now know what is triggering this:

    I just took a photo, viewed it in the gallery, turned off the phone, waited aprox 60 seconds before turning it back on and the gallery tells me there are 0 files there. It's disapeared so, now we know what is triggering this bug.

    Anyone know of this problem then?
    Is there a solution?

  10. VegaLA

    VegaLA Active Member

    From what I understand it looks like I need to delete the nomedia folder I created just after getting my X!

    I can't get access to a PC that will allow me access to the directory and looking in the File folder app its not showing so does anyone know of how to Dlete this folder using the phone alone ior am I going to have to wait till I get home?

  11. bob56capp

    bob56capp Member

    I am finding the Gallery to mix up all my album art, still photos and video...
    Very annoying. Maybe there are other threads about this.
    I see this stuff here is 6 months old, and I know we are not the only ones who see this.

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