TX Cust who had Photon now has EVO/GS3

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  1. William_210

    William_210 New Member

    hey guys, need some advice.

    so, i have the photon and like the phone well enough although it's starting to get a bit buggy. i did factory reset but that has not really helped. i still have a year left :mad: on my contract so i will buying off contract. that being said...

    has anyone HAD the Photon and now moved to the EVO Lte or GS3? can you tell me if you got better / worse reception? how is the LTE in your texas area?

    thanks for any input!

  2. Citizen Coyote

    Citizen Coyote Well-Known Member

    You might be better off asking in the Evo LTE or S3 forums. I don't know if any Photon owners have moved over yet, since it hasn't been quite a year since that phone went on sale.
  3. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    Had a Photon, picked up a SGS3 on 7/2. Spouse has a Photon and will likely upgrade at some point next year.

    We are not in TX, but I can chime in on reception. We are in an area with good reception - Tampa Bay - and so have had no problems with any of our Sprint phones. Spouse's office is in a dead zone - we called Sprint and they gave us a free AirRave that he connected to his office broadband...so he is set.

    I love my new phone. Really liked my Photon. In our household we have had HTC phones, Motorola phones, Samsung phones and I have to say that the radio (voice) for the Photon is probably one of the best we have had. In every other way my new phone is superior. I'd give the SGS3 8.9/10 on radio (voice) vs. 9.5/10 on the Photon.
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  4. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Really appreciate this info, verngator. I've been waiting patiently to decide on which phone I'm going with. Still loving the Photon, but I'm itching to use my remaining 1 year gold upgrade.
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  5. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    I hear you! Am keeping my Photon as my backup phone. Spouse still has his.

    The EVO is also awesome. I had the first gen EVO...loved it but wished for better batter life.

    Went to the Sprint store to see them side by side and really had to think hard about which to purchase. I really wanted to like the EVO best - love that red and the kickstand! - but I went with the SGS3 and am pleased with my choice.

    I selected the SGS3 because

    1. a non-techie family member had one and felt stock unit was laggy and not quite ready for prime time...


    2. Samsung seemed easier to root compared with HTC.

    I did have pre-purchase concerns with Samsung GPS - spouse had 1st gen Samsung Epic Galaxy S and the GPS was flaky. Thankfully no GPS issues with my phone at all.

    Just my $ .02
  6. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Yup. Me too. As soon as I've decided which upgrade I'll be going with, Photon is going to be dedicated Music player/International phone. Kickstand is still a big 1-up factor for me (part of the reason I went with the Photon, among other specs).

    I was an EVO owner before, so I'm really digging the new one. I feel that it's more true to the original EVO, as a successor, than the 3VO was. The new white color w/ silver trim had me convinced that it was the best looking of the devices. I looked at the SGS 3 in person and was not as fond of the blue as I originally was in the pictures.

    Glad to hear about the GPS issues being fixed. One of my secondary lines, used by a family member, had the original Epic 4G and GPS was definitely shaky. Only things that bother me with the SGS 3 right now are 1) No 64gb yet and 32gb version not sold at Best Buy, & 2) Car dock sucks!...It's an overpriced universal dock that you still have to plug the charging chord into every time. The Infuse car dock apparently works, but some have felt that it's a little "too" snug (not perfect fit).
  7. verngator

    verngator Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the 'international phone' thing is another nice Photon perk. I'll bet my spouse gets the Photon Q for his upgrade next year.

    I ended up buying an SGS3 case with a built-in kickstand for those times when I want to watch something or keep the phone in that position on my desk. I suspect they couldn't have achieved the SGS3's lightweight form factor with a kickstand, and that's one of the things I love about this phone - light as a feather!

    Can't say I've ever used a car dock. I have a dash mount + cig lighter charger for when I use the navigation. Works fine, but not elegant.
  8. drexappeal

    drexappeal Well-Known Member

    Sad part about the MoPhoQ is the SIM is locked, unlike the MoPho, so the international capabilities will be limited to Sprint roaming...(e.g. $$$$).

    For me, I'm really opposed to using cases. I always keep my phones fairly naked with just a SGP screen protector (if they make one for the phone) and maybe a custom skin form Unique Skins or Skinit. Other than that, the added bulk from a case is always something I've hated doing since I had my Mogul.
  9. simcha

    simcha Well-Known Member

    Thanks for sharing what you got after the Photon. I love my Photon and like Drex I'm itching to use up my last yearly upgrade this year. I'm still not excited about the options and I've been leaning heavily toward the LTEvo. I had the Epic and I just can't face another Samsung device due to that experience. I know it's a prejudice that could be unfair. But, I don't want to chance it. Maybe it's just my luck. Motorola seemed to work out the best with the Photon, but I really don't like that MoPhoQ at all.

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