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txt message stuck on Samsung Galaxy SSupport

  1. DCUltrapro

    DCUltrapro Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    My wife has a Samsung Galaxy S and she received a message that shows up as unread but whenever she clicks to read it it skips to a draft screen and it tells her that she has input an incorrect address... you cancel out of the draft page but the icon is still there in the top task bar. It doesn't show up in the messaging app screen either. Here are some screenshots

    You can see the unread msg icon on the locked screen below:

    you can also see an unread message showing here:

    but neither active conversation shows a new message when you open the main message app conversation window:

    IF you drag down the top menu you can see the message here

    but when you click to view the message from that top menu this is all you see


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