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  1. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    I don't know guyes that this happens with you all or its some kind of defect in my phone only.!!

    when i connect my phone with a charger and start typing a message all goes well ..
    but sometimes when i long click at any key, some random keys get automatically pressed.

    So what is this issue?? Is this with every android phone ?? Is it a manufacture defect ??

    or its just faced by me.!!
    and as mentioned above it happens only sometimes ....
    so if you guyes gonna try this then plz check thoroughly .!!

  2. firoz

    firoz Well-Known Member

    I had faced similar problem (not same) while charging phone.I was using local charger.
    but when I used the original one, all went off.
    Are U using other charger.
    If yes ,then u should use original charger and Usb cable.
  3. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    yaa me too faced this problem when I used vivaz charger
    but there wont be any problem if u use original charger provided by micromax
  4. RD07

    RD07 Well-Known Member

    well i use the original charger only.!!
    given by mmx .!! it came within the box.!! but still has that defect.!!
    i don't know whats happening??
  5. saivignesh

    saivignesh Well-Known Member

    that's weird
  6. nsjategaonkar

    nsjategaonkar Member

    i am also facing same problem ,but might it is due to earthing problem .....

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