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UCCW App ProblemGeneral

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  1. rjmendus

    rjmendus Member

    Hey everyone, I hope you know UCCW(Ultimate Custom Clock) app which is used to create awesome cool clock widgets. I'm running go launcher ex. The problem is that after I have created my custom design I am not able to put it to the desktop. When I long press on my home screen and select widgets I cant see UCCW option in there. Unless I add a widget I will not be able to use my custom design. I cant see a uccw option in the widgets to add to desktop. Is it the problem of go launcher ex? Please help me!

    Thanks in advance!:)

  2. Anirban

    Anirban New Member

    Check whether UCCW is installed in your SD card or not. If installed in SD card, move the app to your phone memory. Then it will appear in your widget list.
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  3. rjmendus

    rjmendus Member

    Thanks man! It worked!

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