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    Sep 19, 2011
    UDROIDX 1.5.5 WM8650 ROM

    NEWEST. Flash Player ready, Improved WIFi- Sound-Battery-New Icons-New Launcher.
    FASTEST. Ready to install on a lot of WM8650 powered tablet.

    Built on the 1.5.5 firmware WM8650;

    BEFORE FIRMWARE UPDATING please back-up the env_uboot and wmt_scriptcmd files from your devices factory firmware you could need it later if env_uboot in list are not working for you!!!

    To install do the following:
    Format a SD card to FAT32
    Extract the contents of the zip file to your SD card.

    Sure you are able to do the following:

    Choose your env.uboot file under Firmwareinstalle/env according your device and rename env_uboot, delete all the others you founded in directory .

    Eventually insert SD card into your device and power on ; upgrade will run automatically. Once it’s finished wait 1 min. before removing your SD card .
    The device will reboot and you can have a cup of coffe!!
    PLEASE WAIT… and be patient, it needs 4-5 min.

    The system loading screen stucked for more than 5 minutes , NO PANIC ...... try another env_uboot or BETTER IDEA use the env_uboot and wmt_scriptcmd files from your devices factory firmware.

    Known BUGS: Battery indicator 100%

    Thanks EVERYBODY who helped !

    Use at your own risk !!!!! If your battery meter is stuck at 100% try this fix: thanks Riphans

    Download a terminal emulator from the market then run it.
    Type: su (for root priveldges)
    Type: wmtenv set wmt.vt160x.bat 0:1:10:0

    Reboot. Battery meter should work now.



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